This is a "to do" list for my next (approximately weekly) visit to a public access site. I am a tireless advocate of public access sites. Most people (including a large and growing number of Americans such as myself) simply don't have the discretionary income or cash flow stability to be ISP subscribers, or even "land line" telephone subscribers. Current trends seem to favor shorter term employment and longer term consumer telecom contracts, so barring a reversal of these trends, we can reasonably expect the digital divide to get wider, not narrower.

web "to do" list

"end run" "market mechanism"
"two way transparency"
"information symmetry"
leadership overrated
"reverse engineering" "data mining"
disempowerment "human resources"
"question authority"
"challenge authority"
salesy culture
"convex optimization" "consumer education"
aggregation "consumer education"
graph embedding algorithms
advanced consumer "decision support"
golf "swing plane" photos
rfid hacking
rfid monkeywrenching
18 39 54 61 82 140 173
"academic freedom" sharashka
"social network" algorithm freeware
"elevator pitch"
metabiological evolution
"there is no enemy"
richard jefferson canberra
3 7 12 collatz

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