Borned in Salta, Argentine, at 1950. He studied Musical Composition at Arts School of Cordoba National University, where he also graduated as Civil Engineer. He become concert guitarist under the guide of Irma Costanzo.
With his wife, Menecha Casano, constitute a Guitar Duo, playing at differents concert halls, radio and TV stations in Europe and America with good critic judgments. He published few records with Argentine Composers, Spanish Classics, Baroque Music, XX Century Music and Southamerican Music .
He was awarded at Juan Carlos Paz 1977 Concours organized by National Fund for Arts for his work Miniaturas for guitar (Ed. C�rculo Guitarr�stico Argentino); and the same institution awarded his album Obras para guitarra (Ed. Barry) at1988. TV Canal 11 from Salta (Argentine) distinguished him with Persona prize to be Musician of the Year at1988.
His works were performed by importants soloists and musical institutions. Eleg�a por Setiembre was performed by Argentine National Symphonic Orchestra at 1975. Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra performed at Colon Theatre of Buenos Aires Canto y Movimiento at 1980, and Sinfon�a at 1985.
Salta City Orchestra performed several of his symphonic works. DAMS+ serbian chamber ensemble plays Three Andinian Pieces commisioned composed by this group. As writer he obtained first prize at Hamlet Lima Quintana 2002 concours in narrative fiction for Ortiz el m�sico. He is author of essay  La Guitarra en la M�sica Sudamericana and several articles about music published in specialized reviews.



I was so pleased to receive your new CD Guitarra Sudamericana. I have listened to your music quite a few times and I want to congratulate you on your successful artistic accomplishment. The music has a signature sound and an insight into your maturity as a guitarist and as a composer. I appreciated your compositional style which had a simplicity to melodic lines but with many interesting twists and turns to the harmonic bass. I believe that you have journeyed through a process successfully that will bring many listeners into the world of your culture and your life as a musician. Janet Marlow , Ten-string Guitar Society, Litchfield, USA, 5-July-2007


Your CD has accompanied me from last sunday. I was flavoring it day by day, I think a little as a child who has a candy palette and lick it time to time.It comfort too much me your expresive and serene touch. And repertoire, beautiful (in fact about Villancico it feels me proud, seeing it in so excellent company) Thanks for all. A pretty disc. Ah, and what a thin little touch in cover, the guitar showed. Octavio Santa Cruz, Lima, Per� 24-June-2007.


Yesterday I received your CD �Guitarra Sudamericana�. It is fabulous and I congratulate you.  Bravo� bravo� bravo�  Master. You must continue producing this music you play with whole feeling. Gabriel Tapia, Panam�, 30-June-2007


I have read your web articles with real pleasure, and my congratulations for critic attitude more necessary, I believe, in all area and context. Harold German Beizaga Tapia, Sucre, Bolivia 10-July-2005.


�I am reading your book about guitar in southamerican music. I must write an article about guitar in Peru, and I was searching information. Thanks for your book! It is so instructive! In Europe we are needed more knowledge about southamerican music history. Also I am reading your compositions I can find in internet, and I say you I delight it� gradually I will introduce them in my conservatory classes. (�) I am guitar professor at Innsbruck conservatory in Austria Thanks for your book, and for so much beautiful music! Erika Santek-Pircher, Innsbruck, Austria 19-January-2008.


I have downloaded your works/books on La Guitarra en la M�sica Sudamericana and so on some time ago and found your work very good. I think I should congraulate you for the quality of the work, your initiative and also because it is very nice to see people sharing their knowladge and their discoverys in a free and friendly manner especially in a subject such as the �class.� Guitar which misses so much this kind of information available. Congratulations and keep up the good work. Andr� Silva Vieira, Lisboa, 11-03-2007.


I am very happy. This night we had concert and Guestrin is definitely popular in Yugoslavia. I did not believe it, but it is truth. I would like You see this, when DAMS+ finish Your composition (two bassoon version). Some of visitors told me that they go to concert to hear Guestrin (�)Perhaps, You think that I overdo, but Your music became very popular here (�) Every our concert, we play "Andes" because my students, me and everybody who listen, like this composition Jovica Milosevic, Smederevo, Serbia, 12-05-2002