Future of the World
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Joseph Nowarski
Future of the World

Volume 1: Home and City
Future Home, City and Transport

the book is also for children

This is not a story. This is a collection of some ideas what may be developed in the near future to improve our quality of life, or to make our life more comfortable, or healthier.
This Volume is about home, city and transport.
This includes some ideas how our home entertainment will look like in the future, how our Home Computer will manage all home appliances, mostly kitchen appliances and what can be improved in city transport and travels.
This may be useful for people that use to say "everything is already invented, what more can be done?"
The future looks interesting and somehow different from today, even better.
There always will be a question if the computer serves us more than we serve the computer, and another question: what we shall do without computers? And the answer is: We shall be lost.
This series is about how to become more dependent on computers, or how to take advantage of computers for making our live easier, better, safer and more enjoyable.

Next Volumes of this series will be about environment and public administration. Also there is a lot to do.

This collection of ideas is for all ages.

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