Economic Optimization of PV Array Tilt Angle

Joseph Nowarski

Economic Optimization of PV Array Tilt Angle


Renewable energy professional article (14 pages)

In case when the related electricity tariffs are according to peak demand, the cost of electricity in peak hours is much higher than in off-peak hours. Therefore it may be expected that the yearly optimum tilt angle from the economic point of view will be declined towards months and hours with the highest electricity tariffs. This would result in lower tilt angle than the optimum angle from the energy point of view (25 deg).
The analysis of energy generation and energy cost according to peak demand tariffs shows that the optimum tilt angle from economic point of view is similar to optimum from the energy point of view (25 deg). This happens because of low sensitivity to tilt angle in range 0-25 deg in summer, comparing to very high sensitivity in winter, which means that the economic benefit from increasing tilt angle in January is higher than from decreasing the tilt angle in July in range 0-25 deg.
This work contains large volume of useful data and may be helpful for other works related to solar energy.

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Economic Optimization of PV Array Tilt Angle

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