Solar Water Collector Hourly Energy Output

Joseph Nowarski

Solar Water Collector Hourly Energy Output
Central Solar Water Heaters
Multi-Apartment Residential Buildings in Tel Aviv

Version 2, 14 February 2022


Calculations of solar water collector hourly thermal energy output as part of central solar water heating system with individual 150 liters storage tanks for each apartment in high rise multi-apartment residential building in Tel Aviv.
The energy output at noon is 758 kcal/hr in January and 1,221 kcal/hr in April. Solar collectors supply 2,647 kWh/year of thermal energy to each apartment, minimum 5.41 kWh/day on an average day in December, maximum 8.53 kWh/day in August.
Hot water supply equivalent at 40C is 30 liter/hr in December and 81 liter/hr in August at noon, 192 liter/day in January to 500 liter/day in August.

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created 25 Feb 2022       updated 26 Feb 2022