Economy of Plug-In Charging of Hybrid Car

Joseph Nowarski

Economy of Plug-In Charging of Hybrid Car


Energy conservation professional book (18 pages)

Charging hybrid car with home electricity saves in Israel 69% of energy cost, 1126 USD per year, in country average. Charging the car with off-peak electricity even increases this saving to 78%, 1261 USD/year. Specific plug-in hybrid car was considered, Honda Clarity 2018.
The saving depends on car parameters, especially the capacity of the battery and its range. Formula was developed in this work for easy calculations of saving in various countries depending on gasoline-to-electricity tariffs ratio, specific to each location. The highest money saving of car's energy cost is in Iceland, Israel, China and Turkey, while in some states in USA plug-in battery charging is not profitable.

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Economy of Plug-In Charging of Hybrid Car

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created 23 Aug 2020       updated 23 Aug 2020