Jerusalem Old City
Wailing Wall - HaKotel
Dome of the Rock, ElAqsa
Via Dolorosa
Church of the Holy Sepulcher
Jewish Quarter
David's Tower - Migdal David
Dor mi-Zion Dormicion
Old City
light in Jerusalem

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gates of the Old City
Lions' Gate
Zion Gate
Yafo Gate
Damascus Gate

outside the Walls
Gei Ben Hinom
view from Walls

Mount Scopus and Mount of Olives
Mount Scopus
Augusta Victoria
Mount of Olives

Rupin Promenade and Rabin Boulevard
Israel Museum
Wohl Rose Garden
Supreme Court
Cinema City

Valley of the Cross and Herzog route
Valley of the Cross
Botanic Garden

King George Street
Terra Santa
Saint Pierre
de Sion

other places of interest
Yeshivat Belz
Italian Hospital
Russian Square

around the Old City
King David Street

snow in Jerusalem
10 Jan 2013

Purim in Jerusalem

around Jerusalem 0-5 km
Jerusalem Forest
Ein Karem
Soreq River

around Jerusalem 10-30 km
Yad Ha-Shmona
Ein Zuba

Jerusalem sunsets
Jerusalem Forest
Har Adar
Yad 8

green Jerusalem
flowers of Jerusalem
trees of Jerusalem
leaves of Jerusalem
grass of Jerusalem

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