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Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv

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Shalom Tower Enterence = Migdal Shalom = Kolbo Shalom - 18 Oct 2004
20041018-ta-migdal-shalom-1184.jpg Shalom Tower
Shalom Tower

20041018-ta-migdal-shalom-1186.jpg 20041018-ta-migdal-shalom-1187.jpg

Neve Zedek - 18 Oct 2004
Tel Aviv Neve Zedek
Tel Aviv Neve Zedek

20041018-ta-neve-zedek-1170.jpg 20041018-ta-neve-zedek-1171.jpg
18 Oct 2004

20050530-tel-aviv-4147.jpg 20050530-tel-aviv-4150.jpg
20050530-tel-aviv-4198.jpg 20050530-tel-aviv-4202.jpg
30 May 2005

4 Aug 2006

Tel Aviv University Sunsets in Tel Aviv
Israel Sunsets in Israel
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