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Burgos - Aquilar
Burgos - Aquilar

Burgos - Aquilar

Burgos - Aquilar Road N627

aguilar-040008-0.jpg aguilar
Aguilar (left = Kodak 200 film, right = Casio digital)

Aguilar - Santander Road
embalse-del-ebro-20040613-040009.jpg embalse-del-ebro
Aguilar - Santander Road N611

Reinosa - view of Pico de Tres Mares (in direction of The Picos de Europa)

Ebro Lake, Embalse del Ebro
embalse-del-ebro-20040613-040012.jpg Ebro Lake
Ebro Lake

embalse-del-ebro-20040613-040014.jpg embalse-del-ebro
Embalse del Ebro

embalse-del-ebro-20040613-040016.jpg embalse-del-ebro-20040613-040016-214.jpg
embalse-del-ebro-20040613-040017-0.jpg embalse-del-ebro
Embalse del Ebro (Left = Kodak 200 film, Right = Casio digital)

embalse-del-ebro-20040613-040023.jpg embalse-del-ebro-20040613-040024.jpg
embalse-del-ebro-20040613-040025.jpg river-rio-ebro-lake
Ebro Lake (Left = Kodak 200 film, Right = Casio digital)

embalse-del-ebro-20040613-040022.jpg embalse-del-ebro-20040613-040027.jpg Rio Ebro
the first dam on Rio Ebro

Rio Ebro
the first meters of the Rio Ebro (perfect for rafting)

embalse-del-ebro-20040613-040029.jpg embalse-del-ebro-20040613-040030.jpg embalse-del-ebro
Ebro Lake - Embalse del Ebro

12-13 June 2004

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