Welcome to PARYSK, the web site of the 21st century

The Parysk project is dedicated to the best ear splitting, peneal cracking, webcontnent avalible. Here you will find all sorts of interesting pages based apon my interests, With new updates and cool facts, tips and tutorials all about funtime topics.

Each week this site will be updated with new content. The gallery will be updated monthly with a new filtering sytem soon. All content is create in whole or part by me. I own all rights unless otherwise reserved by respective owners. If you wish 

to get into contact with me, message me on youtube as I check that frequently. 



This site is currently under development, so many pages are unfinished or even added yet. The site, layout and style is also subject to change. The first pages to go up will be the Gallery containing my art and Simcity containing screenshots, maps and guides. The Videos page links to my youtube channel where I post works from various types of media. 3D work of mine will be posted as well in the 3D Section. I may or may not put my Counter Strike mapping work in this or leave it on it's respective page. The about section names itself. I will as a contact paeg soon.