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Italian Genealogy Online Message Board FAQs

This Italian Genealogy Online forum exists so people can freely post, search, SHARE FREE information on their Italian Surnames and on how to do Genealogical Research. In giving we all learn better Family Tree Search Techniques. This is a terrific hobby and is best enjoyed by learning while doing it yourself.

Use our Italian Genealogy Online Message Board - Italy Roots Forum to find family members or leave information about your Italian family and to post genealogy questions and answers. (help or be helped)

All off topic messages will be deleted

We do_NOT_offer any kind of Professional Genealogy Services and we do_NOT_recommend any

All messages offering professional genealogist services or requests for recommendations to professional genealogists or other sales-pitches will be deleted.

For Best Results
  • type in the surnames you are researching in the "Subject:" line so that they will be listed at the top of the results when someone does a search or is browsing through the pages. It helps to add the comune in Italy your ancestors came from if you know it.
  • When responding to an existing message you can leave the Subject line blank and the BBS will automatically fill in "RE:" and whatever subject was posted or you can type in a subject you feel is more appropriate.
  • Please do not use all CAPITAL LETTERS - in email and on message boards and newsgroups this indicates shouting and is very difficult to read. It is appropriate for SURNAMES only.
  • For privacy considerations - we will edit or delete messages, which contain the current address and phone number of anyone who is still alive. Think of how you would feel if your address or any personal information was blatantly posted on a Web Page on the Internet without your knowledge or permission.
  • Leaving a link to the Italian Phone Book is ok
  • Old Public Records addresses and names such as those from Census records, as they are 75 years old or older, will "generally" not compromise someone’s security and are ok to post.
  • Scroll down on the Message Board to Post a New Message or to view Message Threads.

Message Board Buttons (these are examples of the buttons you will find on the message board)

  • =  this makes it easier to find the latest postings.  It only lists the latest postings, about a month, so you will still need to use the search feature or scroll through all the pages to find anyone who has posted your Italian Surname or comune of interest in the past 6 to 8 months.

  • = this helps you find out if someone else has posted a message with your surname interest, your comune of interest, a genealogy topic of interest.
    • *FOR EXAMPLE* - if you search for the Surname PARI, the search engine will list Pari, and then Paris, Parish, etc. this method of display is very useful for people whose surnames have been changed after they emigrated from Italy because the search shows the variables. 
Posting a Message on the Message Board
  • = this is the button you click on to post a *new* message.  If you are posting more information on something you have already posted recently, then it makes more sense to everyone if you stick to the original thread.  Often the moderator will move your repeat posting or additional information message posting if you post it in a new thread.  This helps avoid confusion.  It makes it easier for someone to help you if you keep your messages in the same thread.
  • = this is the button you click when you want to reply to a message already on the message board or when you want to add more information to your posting.

It is best to fill in these blanks:

  • Author: ______________________
  • Email: ________________ [_] Show email address? (check the box if you want a hyperlink to your email otherwise your email will remain hidden from view)
  • Subject: ___________________________________
  • Message:(16 KB max.)
    •  It is not safe to show an email inside the body of the message itself. Email addresses blatantly displayed on webpages result in Spam. Our message board allows you to hide your email address to avoid this problem.
    • If you check the "show email address" it does not actually show the Email address but provides a hyperlink to it via an email client if someone clicks the name in the author heading.
    • If you post anonymously without an email address, you will not know if you receive a response and your post will most likely be removed *unless* I feel you are legit.   Your email will remain private unless you check the "show email" box   This provides a visible hyperlink to your email address using the name you put into the "Author" line, otherwise your email address is NOT openly displayed to the public.

If someone answers your message

  • You will be sent an automatic link to a message board posting if anyone answers your message IF you have entered your email address, whether you keep it hidden or not..
  • The link the computer sends you exists in hyperspace, so when you view it and click return to message list you will return to the message thread that contains your posting. 
  • If you click the link at the top of the page that states "Back To - Message Board Start Page" you will return to the Homepage of the Italian Genealogy Online Message Board.
    • If you look at the thread under the message, the article heading that does not show a (hyperlink) or a short summary is the message you are reading "if" you received an email prompt telling you of a response to your posting or if you are subscribed to the daily digest or if you are looking at a message via the "View Messages by Date Option".  
    • If you do not disable scripts and activeX in your browser you will have to scroll past the large ads in order to read the responses to messages in the threads.   The ads are how the server people pay for their large domain server and networking, which is why they can allow me to host my message board for "free."  So if you are interested in one of their ads click on it as it gives them about 12-cents per click.  Then use your browser back button to return to the message board.
Please repost your surname every 4 to 6 months to keep it fresh and active.    The Message Board automatically deletes old messages to avoid problems of outdated posts with no longer active email addresses and unwieldy databases.

Please Note that disc.yourwebapps, which gives me free space for this message board, will never "immediately" be aware of the conduct of *all* their advertisers all of the time because they are Technical Support People trying to make a living with their Nerd Knowledge and host other forums too. They have to pay for their electricity, hardware, tech support and other essentials in order to keep their servers online. Therefore some of their google-keyword ads (which they don't generally see except in random checks) go directly to commercial genealogy-sales groups. Therefore if you find yourself on an ad, which you didn't mean to click on, simply ignore it & use your browser back button to return to the Italy Roots Forum Message Board.

Speaking freely I personally wish they would give us good Italian food, chocolate, ice cream or travel ads instead of all the typical genealogy for hire ads when most know it's better to go to various genealogy societies, the Mormons or the free learn to do-it-yourself webpages on the Internet where we can learn how to do our own genealogical research and meet others interested in the same family trees or who are researching in the Italian Comune of our ancestors.

Best Regards and Happy, SAFE, Genealogy Hunting. 
Paula Nigro 

This site is a hobby of mine. Hopefully it will help others in their own Genealogy Research find out about their Italian Ancestors and Italian Surnames. Please take time to read the advice of people, like you, who have researched their own surname origins. You will be inspired to continue with your Family History Research by reading the personal stories on our list of Italian Ancestry Family Tree Pages. The majority of these people have NOT paid professional genealogists. Most people gradually learn to do their own genealogy research, little by little, meeting hobbyists with the same interests and thereby learning more & more with time & patience. - You can too!  -PN-

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  More info & Tips below for those new to the Internet and Genealogy Research  

If you are new to the Internet or Message Board Posting you may not know that every time you place your email address VISIBLY on a webpage, for instance in the body of a message on a message board, you will receive "Unsolicited Sales Pitches" and also email from people asking for money or "donations" for services, or products or con-artist sob stories. "Spam" is like the Junk-Mail you receive at home. Delete/Trash it and know that no reputable company would send you a sales pitch without you contacting them first.

Avoid this problem - DO NOT POST YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS (or anyones) IN THE MESSAGE ITSELF, some message boards don't offer this great option but WE DO, so use it wisely, Post your email address in the space between Author and Subject, which will hide it from Robot E-mail Harvesters.

If someone emails you with an offer of professional genealogy services and asks you for a fee or a "donation" of any kind, is NOT in the spirit with which this message board & genealogy research site is maintained or was created. Simply ignore them and delete them. Complain to their ISP Provider if they won't go away. Posting on a message board is asking for free advice not a call for "bids." If you need more information on Spam, aka Junk Mail, scroll down to the bottom of this page or click here.

Caution Notice

All sales pitches for professional genealogy services are deleted whenever possible.

If after posting a message someone sends you their "pitch", offering to render genealogy services for you, rather than posting a direct answer to your specific surname search or answer to your specific genealogy question directly on the Message Board, please understand I *never* recommend these kind of people ever. This type of behavior is unprofessional and constitutes SPAM.  Obviously, anyone who operates in this manner can not be recommended.  If you receive this kind of email, forward with full headers to the abuse section of your ISP Provider,  to the ISP provider of the sender of the spam and to Spam Cop.  Also, Click here to look up Email and Internet Provider complaint addresses.

And also send to me, as an *inline text message* (I delete all attachments) complete with full headers or post a message about them on the Message board so I can start deleting all their postings.


Save Yourself from Email Worms:

E-mail Attachments can be Unhealthy:

About Email "Spoofing" Viruses (Spoofed / Forged Email)

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This site *never* distributes Email addresses.

Read about E-Mail Spam junk mail on the links below and you will find that it is VERY easy for "Spam-Spyders" to troll the Internet and pick up e-mail addresses from displayed Internet Pages of any kind. In addition unfortunately, some people search message boards for E-mail addresses and then send almost everyone who visibly posts their email the same E-mail letter, basically an informal resume, in which you are offered their services if you pay expenses often they call it a "donation".  Anyone who contacts you in this manner is simply lifting your E-mail address off the message board, if you have the link showing or post it in a message.

Also, if you have placed your e-mail address directly on any *other* message board or subscribed to a "mail-list" such as the ones on Rootsweb, which are directly gatewayed to Usenet Newsgroup Feed then "spammers" easily obtain your e-mail address from those places.

It is good to use a free web-mail service to protect your home ISP e-mail. A free E-mail account like INBOX, Hotmail, GMX, Yahoo, your local newspaper free e-mail service, and many others (forget AOL as they bounce emails for no reason) are the best thing to use when you post on message boards. (Save your ISP mail account for your family and close friends.) Disable HTML in your e-mail and use the "Bulk-mail" option to collect all obvious junk mail, which is then automatically dumped once a week or so if you use AOL then BE-SURE to always check your bulk/spam-bin.

Hope this helps.

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You easily recognize "JUNK MAIL" when you get it in your mail-box at home, Right???  Well, on the Internet, when it is sent to your E-Mail Address it is called "SPAM",  but it is still "Junk-Mail" if it is a Sales Pitch asking for donations or any other money from you for whatever reason when you did not write specifically to them first and ask for information.  Excessive Multi-Posting of the same message on a message board is also Spam .

If anyone sends you ANY e-mail solicitations (sales-pitches) Simply copy and paste the email Spam with "Full Email Header" and process through Spamcop and/or forward to your ISP Mail  or  Web mail  provider as Spam.  

Snark sends bills to Junk Mailers, read their interesting (albeit sarcastic) explanation.

Provider of Snark Commercial E-Mail Spam Billing

  • WHAT IS SPAM - "Spam is flooding the Internet with many copies of the same message. Email Spam targets individual users with direct mail messages by scanning Usenet postings, stealing Internet mailing lists, or searching the Web for addresses"  [by copying them right off of websites]

  • Stopping Email Abuse

  • Common Spammer tricks and tips to avoid them - basic tips

  • Responsible Anti-spam Sites - plenty of information here including the mail abuse email addresses for various email hosts and Internet Providers.  

  • Yahoo! Mail Abuse Help - includes what is spam and more.

  • Attachments - are dangerous to your computer.  Delete them whenever you have not been notified in advance by the sender as many senders don't even know they have a virus.

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