What Undepresses Me

Sometimes I get very depressed. This is a list of things that help "undepress" me.

- Doing exactly what I want/need to do for as long as I want/need to do it

- Doing what I want to do till I am satisfied.

- Sleeping. As long as I want/need. When I want/need.

- Doing something creative.

- Helping people, especially when they thank me or show me they valued my help.

- When someone comes over to visit. (Assuming it is the right person - not someone who gives me advice, judges me, interrupts me, bosses me around etc.)

- When someone wants to spend time with me.

- When someone shows they care about me.

- When I feel understood by someone.

- When someone really listens to me.

- When I feel empathized with.

- When someone shows the want to learn from me.

- When someone shows appreciation for something I have done or written.

- When someone tells me how they have applied some of my ideas in their own life.

- When someone helps me feel valued, needed, important.

- When someone asks me what they can do to help me, and then does what I suggest or request.

- When I feel in control of my life or some aspect of it.

- Having a stimulating conversation with someone but especially when I have a good talk with someone young, such as a high school, university age student, young traveler etc. and I see they really understand my views on society, education, parenting.

- Feeling encouraged by someone, or admired.

- Hearing how someone feels when they use what I call feeling words,, in a way that I call emotionally literate.

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