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This project was born because the need to use a PCI TV capture card remote control to control a computer. Even though there are some other programs for that purpose, none of them offer the configurability and compatibility to allow the use of almost any card, even new or uncommon models.

This plugin supports the following chips commonly found in PCI cards:

No matter how the manufacturer has wired the IR chip to the GPIO ports, the plugin can be configured to properly handle the remote. It has an advanced detection algorithm that will try to guess the card configuration and set the right settings. This way it is possible to use any supported card even if it is not popular or not documented.
Currently, remotes using I2C bus are not supported.

Using the plugin

This program is a plugin designed for Girder and ARC2000. It also works with HIP using its Girder compatibility module. The same plugin works for all, to use it please copy the file Rc800.dll into your program plugins folder (see its documentation).

Included are DSDrv4.vxd and DSDrv4.sys from DScaler project as they are needed by this plugin. If you do not have DScaler installed, please copy these files into the Girder, ARC2000 or HIP program folder (the program folder, not the plugins folder).


Known settings

Best Buy Easy TV (BT878)
Press mask:00008000Value:00000000
Data mask:00001F00
KWorld DVB-T 100 (CX23883)
Press mask:00004000Value:00000000
Data mask:00001F00
Encore EN-LTV (SAA7130)
Press mask:00040000Value:00000000
Data mask:0000007F

Note: Unless otherwise noted, Chip activation and ACK settings must be set to zero (disabled).

If your card is not listed here please use the detection system, click on the Autodetect button in RC800 settings dialog and follow the instructions.

Program license

This software is licensed under the following terms:

		       Version 2.1, February 1999

Please visit http://www.gnu.org/home.html to get more information about LGPL.
Please read its terms and conditions here: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html

Project completed on March 2007 by Jeroni Paul.
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Copyright © 2007 Jeroni Paul