Scotched Gutenberg Prince 






Dreams have a Freudian tendency 

To interpret Euro as Id 

Dreams have a Jungian tenacity 

To disinterpret Afrikaan

St Du de facto artifacto 

De Kooning via viola

Venicia e la lamb-Ak 

AⲀ Ωμέγα Vamonos

Patrick Patricia Patr

Cia Circe ions Ich Iambic 

Dreams have a Heideggerian ten

Two solipsistic nonsense

Streams have a Wittgensteinian

Quietist Quixotic fascistic

Fly out of the bottle Bool

Lean logos ring to it hast du Tu

Ring rank brut brat pass pastor

Heliocentric Univocity-El







[Freud] recommends {Oedipus} 

Fucking as demented kingdom 

Jung recommends subconscious 

Fucking as collective channeling 

{Complex} recommences plexiglass 

Werk as perpetual adversity [advert]








Johannine Fires Synoptics






Holly Improvisation yields 

Nonprofit AbeL S RΣΞξε.. M ● .

Salts sultanates

Which witch

Was orb Weiss 

Nicht part of its’ 

Official calculous∰

Bend ding two wards

Of tanners re:discover 

Varying mink faux sing

Ukrainian singularity 

Apocalyptic as Neon

Nein Neo tip morphia

Through a non-glass 

Shattered shadows 







Rose Knapp is a poet and producer. She has publications in Lotus-Eater, Bombay Gin, BlazeVOX, Hotel Amerika, Gargoyle, and others. She has a chapbook with Hesterglock Press and a collection forthcoming with Dostoyevsky Wannabe. She lives in Los Angeles. Her work can be found at