Emerson VR36


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The Emerson VR36 is one of the nicer portable sets in my collection, having a fair amount of integrated bells and whistles as well as featuring a sleek, retro-futuristic look. It features an integrated AM/FM radio along with the standard VHF/UHF TV bands as well as being compatible with three different power sources: D batteries (if you like wasting money), 12V DC using a regular barrel jack, and 120V AC using a two-prong power plug. The internal construction is quite nicely laid out with lots of room for ventilation and relative ease of disassembly and service if the need were to ever arise. The dial string configuration for the front panel appears to be incredibly complicated, however, and I am taking extra precautions not to disturb any of it for fear of never having the mechanism work properly ever again.

My set is still in excellent working condition, needing nothing more than a simple cleaning of the controls. I may decide to recap it in the future to ensure reliability, as it is full of crappy Japanese capacitors from the 80s that are known to leak and destroy traces, but for now it is chugging along fine and I see no reason to mess with it.


Technical Information:

Model: Emerson VR36

Chassis Model: Unknown (generic?)

Color or B&W: B&W

Picture Tube Model & Size: 140ANB4, 5"

Bands: VHF, UHF, AM, FM

Video Inputs: Antenna, RF (3.5mm)

Power Source(s): AC (120V, two-prong), DC (12V, center-positive), 10x D-cell batteries

Date of Manufacture: July 1988

Misc. Notes:

- Many circuits in this set were consolidated into a few ICs - there are only a few transistors located in various places around the set.


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