RCA Spacesaver EO5150FG


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The RCA EO5150FG "Spacesaver" portable TV is the only color miniature portable set in my collection, and perhaps one of the most complicated. It features a built-in AM/FM radio, three-way power operation, and an extremely sharp 6" color CRT made by Mitsubishi. This set is also one of the heaviest in my portable collection, as the extra color circuitry and power transformer for AC operation add quite a bit of heft! Interestingly, the flyback in this set is split into two separate parts - the windings are contained in one box, while the focus and screen controls are contained in another, both being linked by high voltage insulated wire. I am unsure as to why RCA (or more accurately Thompson, the manufactuer of this chassis) did this, though it is certainly something not seen often.

My Spacesaver works great and has required no servicing on my part. The small CRT size and shallow deflection angle mean convergence is near-perfect, and the color is vivid and deep. There is a small centering issue, as the picture is slightly shifted to the right, however this should be an easy fix and is not really noticeable under normal viewing conditions.


Technical Information:

Model: RCA Spacesaver EO5150FG

Chassis Model: Unknown (generic?)

Color or B&W: Color

Picture Tube Model & Size: 160DB22, 6"

Bands: VHF, UHF, AM, FM

Video Inputs: Antenna, RF (3.5mm)

Power Source(s): AC (120V, two-prong), DC (12V 1.4A, center-positive), 10x D-cell batteries

Date of Manufacture: March 1989

Misc. Notes:

- Service information for this television was published in Sams PhotoFact folder # 3087.

- The CRT in this set is approximately 6", rather than the more common 5" size used in many B&W portables.

- Many circuits in this set were consolidated into a few ICs - there are only three or four transistors in this chassis, one of which is the horizontal output transistor.


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