StarLite TV8390


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This interesting little portable set bears an almost uncanny resemblance to the GE "Locomotive" televisions, with the black case and curved top. It features a built-in AM/FM radio and a smaller than usual 4.5-inch "flat screen" CRT (the face of the tube is flat, rather than curved). It is a very cheaply built set and quite a challenge to work on; many wires are soldered without any plug-in connectors, making disassembly a complicated ordeal. Serviceability was clearly not a priority when these sets were manufactured. On the bright side, though, this is one of the lightest sets in my portable collection; so light, in fact, I can pick it up with just one finger.

My set works and displays an acceptible picture, however there are noticeable geometry issues (the circle in the B&K television analyst test pattern looks more like an egg than a circle) and moderate smearing. I am reasonably certain these issues are caused by weak capacitors; many caps inside are cheap noname garbage and will probably need to be changed. As of the writing of this page (12/27/19) I have not recapped the set, and it is not exactly a priority on my projects list due to the apparent difficulty of fully getting the set apart and the sheer amount of caps that would need to be changed. I will update this page when I get around to the recap and if there is any improvement in the picture.


Technical Information:

Model: StarLite TV8390

Chassis Model: Unknown (generic?)

Color or B&W: B&W

Picture Tube Model & Size: 4ADC4, 4.5"

Bands: VHF, UHF, AM, FM

Video Inputs: Antenna, RF (3.5mm)

Power Source(s): DC (13.5V 800mA, center-positive), 9x D-cell batteries

Date of Manufacture: 1990?

Misc. Notes:

- Antenna is missing on my set, though this apparently does not affect its ability to receive radio stations as it picks many up with little static.

- According to a label affixed to the case, the CRT anode voltage should be between 7.0 and 7.5kV.

- The plastic used in manufacturing the case attracts fingerprints and grease very easily, so regular cleaning is necessary.


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