Radios in my collection (sorted by type):


Pre-war Tube Radios:

Crosley 51

Freed-Eisemann 403  


Tube Table Radios:

General Electric 124

General Electric Musaphonic T-158A

Lloyds TM-77

Motorola 5C4 (custom case)

Philco 46-420

Philips Norelco B2X08A/00F

RCA 3-X-536

RCA 8-X-8D

Sentinel 289-T

Silvertone 6220A

Silvertone 7006

Transistor Table Radios:

Emerson RP6251

General Electric 7-4646A

General Electric C2570C

Magnavox 1FM058

Truetone Collegiate ZT1800A-66

Zenith Circle of Sound K421W

Transistor Portable Radios:

Four-Star Battery-Electric Solid-State

General Electric 7-2825J

Panasonic RE-30

Panasonic RF-835

Panasonic RF-930

Panasonic RF-1600

Philco T805-124

Robin Ultra Power Instant Sound

Sony ICF-5900W

Pocket Transistor Radios:

Commodore Superlative TW-100

King MT-608

Novelty Transistor Radios:

Coca-Cola Bottle Radio

Coca-Cola Can Radio


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