Coca-Cola Bottle Radio


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Although they seem to be shunned by a fair amount of collectors, I really like old novelty radios, and this Coca-Cola "Bottle Radio" is one of my favorites. Mine even has the original box! It is operated using the clear parts of the bottle - the neck/cap is the power switch and volume control, and the bottom twists to tune the radio.

Mine worked as found, but there was some corrosion on the battery terminals and the volume was lacking, a symptom of bad electrolytic capacitors, so I decided to take the radio apart and fix it. Some prefer to relegate these novelty radios to shelf queens if they turn out to be nonfunctional, but I try to get every radio I own working as a matter of principle. It was certainly challenging to take apart, but not impossible - a screw in the bottom is removed and the tuning disc popped off, the tuning capacitor is loosened with two screws, then the entire circuit board lifts right out. I was able to unscrew and desolder the battery compartment and soak the terminals in vinegar to neutralize the corrosion and clean it off:

After cleaning up the battery terminals and recapping, I reassembled the radio and tested it. While the sound quality and sensitivity are certainly nothing special, the radio performs well and receives a reasonable amount of local stations. It sits quite prominently on my shelf along with its brother, the Coca-Cola "Can Radio."


Technical Information:

Model: Coca-Cola Bottle Radio

Chassis Model: Unknown (generic?)

Transistors: Unknown

Bands: AM

Cabinet Type: Plastic

Power Source(s): DC (2x "AA" batteries)

Date of Manufacture: Unknown (1975?)

Misc. Notes:


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