Coca-Cola Can Radio

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Here's another interesting Coca-Cola themed radio in the shape of a can. This radio appears to be newer than my Coca-Cola Bottle Radio, and references online such as the Radiomuseum page pin its manufacturer as GE (though my radio bears no markings proving such). Two small discs protrude from either side, one being the power/volume control and the other being the tuning control.

My set works perfectly fine with no maintenance needing to be done to it. I am dreading the day it breaks, however, as the case appears to be held together using clips sealed by the label, meaning I would need to cut into it to get the case apart. Until then, though, I am choosing to leave it original and enjoy it while it still works.


Technical Information:

Model: Coca-Cola Can Radio

Chassis Model: Unknown (generic?)

Transistors: Unknown

Bands: AM

Cabinet Type: Plastic

Power Source(s): DC (2x "AA" batteries)

Date of Manufacture: Unknown (1980s?)

Misc. Notes:


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