Four-Star "Battery-Electric Solid-State"


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I found this eye-catching radio at a flea market for $5 and was immediately drawn to it. The red leather exterior definitely turns heads, and the extra "police band" (145-175 MHz) is something you don't see on every cheap transistor radio. I don't believe this radio has any model number to speak of - there's no indication on the little schematic printed on the back of the rear flap, or a model number anywhere else in the set, so I am referring to it as "Battery-Electric Solid-State" since that is the only identifying information present. If you know a model number or any interesting information about this radio, feel free to shoot me an email.

As found, the radio didn't do much besides make very loud crackling noises, apparently due to an exceedingly dirty volume control; after a LOT of contact cleaner, however, the radio returned to normal operation and works well. I have not had to do any other repairs, as the set picks up stations on both AM and FM quite well (or at least as well as a transistor radio of this caliber would be expected to). The extra police band seems to be dead though, as I can get static, but nothing else aside from what appears to be morse code communication in the 150 MHz range. 


Technical Information:

Model: Four-Star "Battery-Electric Solid-State"

Chassis Model: Unknown (generic?)

Transistors: 11

Bands: AM, FM, "Police Band" (145-175 MHz)

Cabinet Type: (Faux?) Leather

Power Source(s): AC (120V, two-prong), DC (1x 9V battery OR 4x "C" batteries)

Date of Manufacture: Unknown (1970s?)

Misc. Notes:

- The internal construction of this radio is quite poor, foregoing tunable "cans" with coils of wire that were compressed or stretched to align the set, and foam stuffed in the middle to provide some structural integrity.


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