General Electric 124


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This rather basic GE "All-American Five" radio was another flea market find, priced so low I couldn't resist buying it. It has a rather unconventional tube layout, combining both old-style octals (12SA7, 12SQ7) and newer 7-pin miniature tubes (12BA6, 35W4, 50C5) on the same chassis. Fortunately, it uses the old style variable capacitor IF cans, meaning it is not susceptible to silver mica disease like the later radios using fixed mica capacitors are.

While I have gone through and cleaned this radio, I have not yet worked on the electronics, so it is currently in nonworking condition. The 35W4 rectifier tube is missing as it tested shorted on my tester, so a replacement is in order. Otherwise, though, I do not expect it will take much beyond a simple recap and alignment, and I plan to update this page when I have done so. I will also need to find out a way to re-mount the speaker, as all four plastic screwposts have broken off over the years and the speaker is now loose inside the cabinet.


Technical Information:

Model: General Electric 124

Chassis Model: Unknown (generic?)

Tubes: 5 (12SA7, 12BA6, 12SQ7, 35W4, 50C5)

Bands: AM

Cabinet Type:  Plastic

Power Source(s): AC (120V, two-prong)

Date of Manufacture: 1949

Misc. Notes:

- The plastic on this radio is quite brittle and is cracked in multiple places, so careful handling is necessary.


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