Sony ICF-5900W

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The Sony ICF-5900W is one of the most featured and "universal" radios in my collection. It features such amenities as separate bass and treble controls, two separate tuning dials (the second dial used for precise shortwave tuning), a built-in crystal calibrator and beat frequency oscillator, a tuning/battery meter, external antenna connections, and separate audio out jacks for headphones and a tape recorder. It covers the standard AM and FM broadcast bands plus three shortwave bands: 3.9 to 10, 11.7 to 20, and 20 to 28 MHz.

My unit was a gift from my father, who used it pretty regularly in his younger years. It has led a hard life - the battery cover was missing and replaced with duct tape, one of the screwposts is broken off inside so the unit is only held together with three screws, and there is what appears to be a paint splatter covering the top and front. The band select switch is broken, but all of the bands are still accessible provided the switch is positioned where it would normally click into place. Despite the rather poor physical condition, the radio is an EXCELLENT performer, working well on all bands. It has some of the best reception and sensitivity of any of the radios I've personally used, picking up stations 100+ miles away with ease.


Technical Information:

Model: Sony ICF-5900W

Chassis Model: Unknown (generic?)

Transistors: 14 + 1 FET, 1 IC

Bands: AM, FM, Shortwave (3.9-10, 11.7-20, 20-28 MHz)

Cabinet Type:  Plastic

Power Source(s): DC (4.5V, center-negative barrel jack OR 3x "C" batteries)

Date of Manufacture: 1975

Misc. Notes:


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