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My dear star brothers and sisters in the light,

It will soon be that we can celebrate our meeting suitable. We all look forward to this truly auspicious and festive day to come. Your families are waiting impatiently (yes we too can be impatient * smiles *) to be allowed to welcome you into our ranks and to welcome you warmly to close in our arms.

Know that all those who choose this will also make it, there is no doubt about that!

As you've surely heard, it will take place tomorrow a meditation for the platinum-colored flame and the unit for which it also stands. Take all the time you need to you to create a personally pleasant uplifting atmosphere for your personal encounter - however this may unfold for you.
But be not grieved when it should be less than you had expected .. Like a stone is rolled down a slope, the action reaches a more rapidly in intensity and speed.

And the finish line is already within reach! All cheer for you and curious watching your last steps across the finish line.

We would also like to encourage you to ask questions whenever you feel this for right.
Please be not afraid to contact us, we look forward to seeing you!

Your brother