Why I don't believe in God

    First, let me ask you something. Why would a God exist? And your answer might be "To create the universe," or "Because I have faith," or even "Why wouldn't there be a God?" I would like to share my ideas on those opinions.

    Those three are the most common answers I have received when asking people that question, and I would like to share my responses to all three. Firstly, there is most certainly not a God needed to create the universe. Theories have begun to come out, the most notable of which by Stephen Hawking, a true genius. His theory explains how the universe came to be perfectly, with actual mathematical proof, rather than (not meaning to offend anyone) a dusty old book.

    The second most common answer would be "Because I have faith." Let me ask you something about that. Where do you get your faith? Every single time I have asked that, I have been told something along these lines "from God." That is bogus. How do you explain me then, an Athiest? And how do you explain Muslims? The real place you get your faith is from your parents. Your parents and/or the people you grew up with and around dictate your belifs. To explain Muslims, and followers of other religions, they grew up with it. The people around them told them it was so. Ask yourself this, if you had never been introduced to your religion, would you still believe it? No. If you had been told it was false your whole life, would you still believe it? No. You get your faith from the people around you, not a divine being. So, then, what makes you think that your beliefs are true? To reinstate what I just said, because you were told so. What makes you think that what you were told is true? How do you know that? The thing is, you don't. You've been told and believed it your whole life, but there is no proof. I bet no one could give me a factual answer on why.

    To answer the last question, "Why wouldn't there be a God?" it is because there is no need for one. Anyway, there is no need for a God to exist anymore. There was in the past, back when the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and all those lived, up until the late 20th century. Right there I am sure is proof on why religions and such were created. Because curiosity is part of human nature, people need and want to know how they got there, why they are there, why the sky is blue, and so on. Because they didn't have the science yet to get an answer, they made up the thing that made the most sense to them. It was someone, or some people. Every civilization has dieties, and they all differ, but they all have one thing in common. Picking or choosing the society which made them for some purpose or another. An examlple would be rapture, people believing that they, and only they, the believers, would be picked and chosen to live off forever in eternal happiness and such. Every element of religions, such as afterlife, was meant to explain something the civilization couldn't do yet. They couldn't explain death, so they made up things about it. They couldn't explain why they got there, so they made up a creator. They couldn't explain why this or that or this happened, so they made up something about it. They convinced themselves of it, because it was all they knew (by they I mean the religion-starters). Then, they spread it around. As stated in the last paragraph, that spread like a virus. It was an explanation of why they were there! Along with satisfying curiosity, it made them think they were special, always forgiven, important, and it was all they knew. The perfect solution, they believed it. And passed it down. To their kids, then the kids after that, then the childern after that. As stated in the last paragraph, it was simply passed down, generation after generation, and that's why it is believed today. But take notice, now that there aren't any more reasons (besides it being passed down) for society to believe in God, Athiests are growing and coming out for the first time. That pretty much proves my point that people just used religion as a way to explain something, but don't need it anymore.

    Now that we have established that, ask yourself that question again. Why would a God exist? Not to create the universe, not because you have faith, and there is no reason for one to exist. There is a perfect and sensible explanation to why people would come up with a God out of nowhere, so what makes you think what they say is true? Ask yourself that, and come back later with your thoughts.

Written for Reddit by russellsayshi.