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Casey Kasem - American Top 20 - American Top 40

Casey KasemCasey Kasem

AT20/40 station listings are available at the bottom of Station.
Casey Kasem, P.O. Box 1110, Hollywood, California 90028, USA, Fax (213) 850-0667,[email protected]
Casey Kasem,138 N. Mapleton Dr, Los Angeles, California 90077 USA

AT40 in Süddeutschland & Österreich/Germany & Austria: FM4So 10:00 FM UKW 100,7 102,1 104,6

This site has no permission to publish the chart listings, but you can get next week's charts at R&R (click on AC--HotAC--CHR/POP).

The book "Countdown of the Century" is now available at Dealpilot.

American Top 20


WMGN Sa 13:00 raasx

KMVL Sa 20:00 LIVE: ra

WVAF So 3:00 LIVE: ra

WMYI So 13:00 LIVE: asx

KBFB So 14:00 LIVE: asx

WSWT So 14:00 LIVE: ra

WJBR So 15:00 LIVE: ra

KKLI So 15:00 LIVE: ra

WLHT So 15:00 LIVE: asx

KPLA So 16:00 raasx

KGRP So 18:00 LIVE: ra

KWAV So 18:00 LIVE: asx

KODM So 19:00 LIVE: ra

KAMD So 19:00 LIVE: ra

WVAF Mo 1:00 LIVE: ra

Casey's Hot 20

WKEE Sa 13:00 LIVE: ra

WIFX Sa 16:00 LIVE: ra

WYCO So 1:00 LIVE: m3u

WDAQ So 14:00 LIVE: ra

KMXC So 15:00 LIVE: ra

WINC So 15:00 LIVE: ra

WLRW So 15:00 LIVE: ra

WAEB So 15:00 LIVE: ra

WHYN So 15:00 G2rara

WBNQ So 16:00 LIVE: asx

WAFL So 16:00 LIVE: ra

KHMX So 16:00 LIVE: asx

WKMX So 19:00 LIVE: ra

KOTB So 20:00 LIVE: asx

KLSS So 20:00 LIVE: ra

WYCO So 23:00 LIVE: m3u

WIFX So 24:00 LIVE: ra

America's Top Hits with Casey Kasem

KODM Mo-Fr 15:50 LIVE: ra

WITZ Mo-Fr 20:30 LIVE: ra

American Top 40

American Top 40 with Casey Kasem

Deutsche Information English Information
History Pages HistoryAutograph

* sometimes 1 week later

WHTZ Sa 12:00 LIVE: ra

WYSS Sa 12:00 LIVE: ra

WFLZ Sa 12:00 LIVE: asx

CFOZ Sa 12:30 LIVE: ra

CKKL * Sa 15:00 raxdm

CKKL * Sa 23:00 raxdm

WKFS So 12:00 LIVE: asx

WHYI So 12:00 LIVE: asx

WSSX So 14:00 LIVE: ra

WKHQ So 14:00 LIVE: ra

WJBQ So 14:00 LIVE: ra

KQKQ So 14:00 LIVE: emb

KDWB So 15:00 LIVE: ra

WNNK So 15:00 LIVE: ra

WKSL So 15:00 LIVE: ra

WPRO So 15:00 LIVE: asx

KYRX So 15:00 LIVE: ra

WZYP So 15:00 LIVE: emb

WSTO So 16:00 LIVE: ra

WKSS So 16:00 LIVE: asx

KBFM So 16:00 LIVE: asx

WRVW So 17:00 LIVE: asx

KSMB So 17:00 LIVE: ra

KBIG So 17:00 LIVE: ra

CFOZ So 17:30 LIVE: ra

WVAQ So 18:00 asxra

WKXX So 19:00 LIVE: asx

KKRD So 22:00 LIVE: asx

WAEB Mo 2:00 LIVE: ra

Top Name. Top Host. Top Show.
Program Directors Act Now!
Reserve Casey's shows for your station now!
Contact Melody Talkington immediately
at 972.239.6220

Brandon D'Amore Productions
TM Century HitDisk


Cafe Hollywood ra // Lovesongs LIVE: ra // Cyber // DJ // Live // NetRadio // On-air
Top 25Leeza Gibbons

Leeza Gibbons


WMGF Sa 24:00 LIVE: asx

WMYI So 3:00 LIVE: asx

WOOF So 3:00 LIVE: ra

WFSY So 16:00 LIVE: asx

WFMK So 17:00 LIVE: asx

WPCH So 17:00 LIVE: asx

WJJR So 18:00 LIVE: emb

KELO So 19:00 LIVE: ra

WSRA So 24:00 LIVE: ra

WWLI Mo 2:00 LIVE: asx

HOT 25

WVAF Sa 13:00 LIVE: ra

WKXX So 13:00 LIVE: asx

KVUU So 14:00 LIVE: asx

WERO So 15:00 LIVE: ra

KSII So 15:00 LIVE: ra

KCDU So 16:00 LIVE: ra

KMXS So 19:00 LIVE: ra

Your Weekend with Jim Brickman

KODA So 12:00 LIVE: asx

WWLI So 13:00 LIVE: asx

WJJR So 15:00 LIVE: emb

WSWT So 16:00 LIVE: ra

KRBB So 16:00 LIVE: asx

On the Air with John Tesh

KPLA So 13:00 raasx

KRBB So 19:00 LIVE: asx

WMXC So 21:00 LIVE: asx

Acoustic Cafe

KTAO Sa 18:00 raasx

WAPS Sa 21:00 LIVE: ra

CIDR So 14:00 LIVE: ra

WXRV So 14:00 LIVE: ra

WRLT So 15:00 LIVE: ra

KBXR So 16:00 LIVE: asx

WEBX So 17:00 LIVE: ra

WLPW So 17:00 LIVE: ra

WLPW So 17:00 LIVE: ra

KFMU So 18:00 LIVE: ra

KTAO So 21:00 raasx

KOZT Di 6:00 LIVE: ra

Legends of Jazz ra

KWSJ So 3:00 LIVE: asx

WJZW So 15:00 LIVE: ra

WHCD So 16:00 LIVE: ra

WZJZ So 24:00 LIVE: ra

WSJT Mo 4:00 LIVE: asx


WJZF So 1:00 LIVE: ra

KODM So 6:00 LIVE: ra

KGSR So 14:00 LIVE: emb

KWSJ Mo 2:00 LIVE: asx

KIFM Mo 4:00 LIVE: ra

US Music Survey

Dick Clark's US Music Survey

Next week's chart: R&R - visit AC

WRVR So 5:00 LIVE: ra

WHUD So 13:00 LIVE: asx

WZOO So 14:00 LIVE: ra

WOOF So 15:00 LIVE: ra

KRBB So 22:00 LIVE: asx

Love Songs with Delilah

KODM Mo-Sa 1:00 LIVE: ra

WFSY Mo-Sa 1:00 LIVE: asx

WHUD Di-Sa 1:00 LIVE: asx

WJBR Mo-Sa 1:00 LIVE: ra

WMGF Mo-Sa 1:00 LIVE: asx

WMYI Mo-Sa 1:00 LIVE: asx

WLQT Mo-Sa 1:00 LIVE: asx

WLYTMo-Sa 1:00 LIVE: asx

WPCH Mo-Sa 1:00 LIVE: asx

WRFM Mo-Sa 1:00 LIVE: ra

WRRM Mo-Sa 1:00 LIVE: ra

WRSN Mo-Sa 1:00 LIVE: asx

WXIL Mo-Sa 1:00 LIVE: ra

WJJR Mo-Sa 1:00 LIVE: emb

KHLA Mo-Sa 2:00 LIVE: asx

KPLA Mo-Sa 2:00 raasx

KQLI Mo-Sa 2:00 LIVE: ra

KRBB Mo-Sa 2:00 LIVE: asx

KXLY Mo-Sa 2:00 LIVE: ra

WIKY Mo-Sa 2:00 LIVE: asx

WLTQ Mo-Sa 2:00 LIVE: asx

WMAG Mo-Sa 2:00 LIVE: asx

WREZ Mo-Sa 2:00 LIVE: ra

WSWT Mo-Sa 2:00 LIVE: ra

WYCO Mo-Sa 2:00 LIVE: m3u

WYSF Mo-Sa 3:00 LIVE: ra

KKLI Mo-Sa 3:00 LIVE: ra

KSII Mo-Sa 4:00 LIVE: ra

KWAV Mo-Sa 4:00 LIVE: asx

KRTR Mo-Sa 4:00 LIVE: xdm

Dave Koz

WFSJ Sa 12:00+Mo 4:00 asx

KODM So 1:00+17:00 live ra

WYSF So 4:00+15:00 live ra

KIFM So 8:00 LIVE: ra

KELO So 17:00 LIVE: ra

KROK So 19:00 LIVE: ra

WSJT Mo 2:00 LIVE: asx

WHCD Mo 4:00 LIVE: ra

Today's women ra

WLRW So 14:00 LIVE: ra

WBNQ So 15:00 LIVE: asx


Cafe Hollywood ra // Lovesongs LIVE: ra // POWER ra // Cyber // DJ // Live // NetRadio // NewMusic // On-air // Quicktracks

Hollywood Hamilton's Rhythm Countdown has moved to the Urban section, Canadian Charts are at the International section

Rick Top40

Rick Dees Top 40 asx28asx56

WPLJ Sa 11:00 LIVE: ra

WWZZ Sa 11:00 LIVE: ra

WKFS Sa 11:00 LIVE: asx

WHYI Sa 12:00 LIVE: asx

WVAQ Sa 12:00 LIVE: asxra

WAOA Sa 12:00 LIVE: ra

WGTZ Sa 12:00 LIVE: ra

WCBZ Sa 12:00 LIVE: ra

WSKS Sa 12:00 LIVE: ra

WHOT Sa 12:00 LIVE: ra

WSNX Sa 12:00 LIVE: asx

WRVW Sa 13:00 LIVE: asx

WBAM Sa 13:00 LIVE: ra

KRUF Sa 13:00 LIVE: ra

KYRX Sa 13:00 LIVE: ra

KBFM Sa 13:00 LIVE: asx

WKSS Sa 14:00 LIVE: asx

KQKQ Sa 14:00 LIVE: emb

MAGIC Sa 14:30 LIVE: ra

WMXO Sa 15:00 LIVE: ra

KHTS Sa 15:00 asx20asx32

KWWW Sa 17:00 LIVE: ra

CKKL Sa 19:00 raxdm

WKXX So 1:00 LIVE: asx

2DayFM So 5:00 LIVE: asx

B105 So 7:00 LIVE: ra

KYRX So 8:00 LIVE: ra

WFLZ So 12:00 LIVE: asx

WDCG So 12:00 LIVE: asx

WYOY So 13:00 LIVE: ra

WYSS So 13:00 LIVE: ra

KXKT So 13:00 LIVE: ra

WXLO So 13:00 LIVE: ra

WIOQ So 13:00 LIVE: ra

WBEC So 14:00 LIVE: ra

KKSS So 14:00 LIVE: asx

WLAN So 14:00 LIVE: ra

WRZE So 14:00 LIVE: emb

CKKL So 15:00 raxdm

KZTR So 15:00 LIVE: asx

KKLS So 15:00 LIVE: ra

KKRD So 15:00 LIVE: asx

KQAR So 15:00 LIVE: asx

KKXL So 15:00 LIVE: ra

WQQB So 15:00 LIVE: ra

KCDD So 15:00 LIVE: ra

KXXM So 15:00 LIVE: asx

WSJD So 16:00 LIVE: ra

KLRS So 16:00 LIVE: ra

MAGIC So 16:30 LIVE: ra

KZQZ So 17:00 LIVE: asx

KZZU So 17:00 LIVE: ra

KKRZ So 17:00 LIVE: asx

WRTS Mo 2:00 LIVE: asx

WSTR Mo 2:00 LIVE: asx

WAFL Mo 2:00 LIVE: ra

WQLJ Mo 3:00 LIVE: ra

Internet Weekly Top 40

The Chart LIVE: ra

Billboard Hot 100

LIVE: asx28asx56

World Chart

World Chart Show The Chart

CFOZ Sa 16:30 LIVE: ra

CKKL So 19:00 raxdm

Foxkids Countdown

Fox Kids Countdown

WCBZ So 12:00 LIVE: ra

WBEC So 12:00 LIVE: ra

WAEB So 13:00 LIVE: ra

KRUF So 13:00 LIVE: ra

KKLS So 13:00 LIVE: ra

WSTO So 13:00 LIVE: ra

KBFM So 13:00 LIVE: asx

WWZZ So 14:00 LIVE: ra

WVYB So 14:00 LIVE: asx

WKSS So 14:00 LIVE: asx

KSMB So 15:00 LIVE: ra

KSMG So 15:00 LIVE: ra

WKEE So 16:00 LIVE: ra

American Top 70

Weekly Top 40

Future Hits

John Garabedian
Open House Party ra

KKLS So+Mo 1:00 LIVE: ra

KSMB So+Mo 1:00 LIVE: ra

WKHQ So+Mo 1:00 LIVE: ra

WILI So+Mo 1:00 LIVE: ra

KYRX So+Mo 1:00 LIVE: ra

WJBQ So+Mo 1:00 LIVE: ra

KQKQ So+Mo 1:00 LIVE: emb

WSNX So+Mo 1:00 LIVE: asx

WVAQ So+Mo 1:00 asxra

WZYP So+Mo 1:00 emb

KKRD So 1:00 LIVE: asx

WYOY So 1:00 LIVE: ra

WKEE So 1:00 LIVE: ra

WGTZ So 1:00 LIVE: ra

WZAT So 1:00 LIVE: asx

WAOA So 1:00 LIVE: ra

KQAR So 1:00 LIVE: asx

KZQZ So 4:00 LIVE: asx

WWZZ Mo 1:00 LIVE: ra

KKRD Mo 2:00 LIVE: asx

Music Report

WVNZ 7:53 11:53 15:53 
19:53 23:53 asx

The Cut

WQQB Sa 14:00 LIVE: ra


Retro Pop Reunion ra // 80's asx// Cyber // DJ // Live // NetRadio // On-air // Quicktracks

Flashback, Rock & Oldies section

Backtracks USA
Backtracks USA

Backtrax USA with Kid Kelly

WTCB Sa 4:00 LIVE: ra

KKRD Sa 13:00 LIVE: asx

MAGIC97 Sa 23:30 LIVE: ra

KWWW So 1:00 LIVE: ra

WBNQ So 5:00 LIVE: asx

KYRX So 12:00 LIVE: ra

WHTZ So 13:00 LIVE: ra

WMMX So 13:00 LIVE: asx

WCBZ So 14:00 LIVE: ra

WVAF So 14:00 LIVE: ra

KRUF So 15:00 LIVE: ra

KKMY So 24:00 raG2ra

KKXL So 24:00 LIVE: ra

WINC So 24:00 LIVE: ra

KMXC Mo 1:00 LIVE: ra

WXST Mo 1:00 LIVE: ra

WLRW Mo 1:00 LIVE: ra

WDAQ Mo 1:00 LIVE: ra

WYSS Mo 2:00 LIVE: ra

KJLS Mo 3:00 LIVE: asx

WLAN Mo 6:00 LIVE: ra

Abolutely 80's

Nina Blackwood's Absolutely 80s

WXST Sa 12:00 LIVE: ra

WSJD Sa 16:00 LIVE: ra

KRBB So 4:00 LIVE: asx

WVJZ So 12:00 LIVE: ra

KEZE So 18:00 LIVE: ra

WMXR So 19:00 LIVE: ra

WAFL So 23:00 LIVE: ra

WMMX Mo 3:00 LIVE: asx

DAER Di 3:00 LIVE: asx

Retro Pop Reunion with Joe Cortez ra

WTCB So 4:00 LIVE: ra

KMXC Mo 3:00 LIVE: ra

Lost 45's with Barry Scott rpm

(open with Real Audio, do not save)

(öffnen mit Real Audio, nicht speichern)

DJ 80's Fr 18:00 LIVE: raasx

DJ 70's Fr 18:00 LIVE: raasx

Retro Show

KFMU Sa 4:00 LIVE: ra

WIFX Sa 23:00 LIVE: ra

KIKI So 20:00 LIVE: ra

American Hit List

WYCL So 14:00 LIVE: asx


Sender Übersicht / Station Overview

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Top Hits 1999

Australia Baby one more time - Britney Spears Germany Mambo No. 5 - Lou Bega UK Baby one more time - Britney Spears ALBUM: Come on over - Shania Twain USA Believe - Cher COUNTRY Amazed - Lonestar World Believe - Cher

Top Hits USA

1990's Torn - Natalie Imbruglia // 1980's Physical - Olivia Newton-John // 1970's You light up my life - Debby Boone // 1960's Hey Jude - Beatles // 1950's Don't be cruel - Elvis

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