On May 21th manufacturers, dealers and a crowd of collectors were meeting in Kassel.
A good opportunity to see the latest new models, hunt for some old ones and meet fellow collectors.
here are a few pictures to give an expression for those who could not be there. This is no complete coverage - just a few tables that catched my interest when I had my camera at hand.

The main room with the manufacturers and dealers was quite crowded - at least during the first hours.

A View into one of the second hand rooms. This year two rooms were dedicated for sellers of second hand models - a chance to close some gaps in the collections.

But the dealers in the main room had a good selection of sometimes hard to find models too - here for example at the table of E.Breustedt (operated by the Müllers in Ütze-Hänigsen near Hanover).

Aircraft carriers with a good complement of airplanes at H.D.Schlingelhoff's table

JW (Johann Wolkersdorfer)

Dr. Peter Krtina presenting the latest new Hai-models

CM (Carlo Marquardt)

Risawoleska (B.Schütt)

H & B

SeeVee (S. M. Pritchard)

Llynn (Steve Cracknell) - probably the line with the largest number of tugs


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