GEM 901003 Eckernförde
A Review by Ulrich H. Rudofsky

This is the “ECKERNFÖRDE” flush-decked corvette 1849-1886. Built as GEFION,
New Royal Dockyard, Copenhagen………
oak plank carvel construction with copper sheathing. 
Transferred to Prussia after her capture at the Eckernförde, 5 April 1849. 
Good sea keeping qualities and excellent sailing ship. 
1826 t displacement, 59 m AOL, 13.5 m Beam, 5.7 m draft (from Gröner).  

 She is the newest model by Dieter Schock, GEM model No.901003.  The
qualities of his sailing and sail-to-steam models has steadily improved over
many years of experimentation to meet the highest standards  of 1:1250 ship
modeling.  Indeed they are without equal in this hobby.  Ratlines all the way
to the top of the masts are photoetched, studding sails are individually cut
(but no yard arm extension booms are fitted).  This model mounts no guns. The
overall workmanship is exceptional.

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