Ronald D. Moore Battlestar Galactica Q&A Session
September 2002

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Do you plan on using any story lines from the old series?

Possibly. We’re obviously using the story from “Saga of a Star World” to launch the series, and I have had ideas about using one or two others as we go along. “Living Legend” is the most obvious one that cries out to be included, but beyond that I’m going to take a wait and see approach. First, the mini-series, then we’ll see about the series.

Mr. Moore, do you understand why fans are passionate about this show? Not screaming for the original actors but what they really really REALLY loved about it? Are you building a reason in your script for fans to fall in love with your version? What is that magical element or elements? Explain and expand upon that please.

I understand the feelings, sure. I was a passionate fan of the original Star Trek series in the 1970s and I know what it’s like to be in love with a show that’s been cancelled and possibly never revived. I think it’s hard to know exactly what are the “magical” elements in a show which cause it to be embraced by an audience—the reasons I fell in love with Trek may be totally different from someone else’s.

I do think that I’m crafting a version of Galactica that an audience can fall in love with—I’m in love with it already. As to what exactly those magical elements are, I’ve got to leave you with a dissatisfying answer: You’ll have to watch it. The central narrative still revolves around the family Adama, which is one of the reasons I think the original was beloved in its day, and many of the original characters are present and fulfill similar roles. The central narrative and mythos of the Galactica world is much the same. Much has remained the same, but much has changed as well. Whether it’s enough for you to fall in love... we’ll see. I hope so.

When does the new mini-series start production and when can we expect to see it on TV?

We’re still waiting for a firm airdate from SciFi. If it’s Fall ’03, we’ll begin prep very soon, if it’s Xmas ’03 or later, we’ll start prep later. Filming itself will probably begin 9-10 weeks after the formal start of prep, last for 40-50 days, then several weeks of post-production before we have a finished product. In all, figure roughly nine months start to finish.

Mr. Moore, 1. are there going to be vipers in your idea of Galactica? if not why.

There will indeed be Vipers in addition to new Colonial fighter craft.

2. how much budget has sci-fi given you to produce this project?

They don’t like us to give out actual numbers, but suffice it to say that it’s well into the 8 figure range.

3. do you think you can have a quality production within this budget?


4. if the budget is not large enough to produce a mini series worthy the name of Battlestar Galactica why go forward?

I think we’ll be able to pull it off given the budgetary constraints. Keep in mind I knew going in that I wasn’t getting the budget of Attack of the Clones and so I very specifically designed the story to keep us on budget. I’ve been producing science fiction television for a long time and I’ve been able to apply that knowledge and experience toward creating a show that is doable from a budgetary standpoint.

5. what will be the plot line? what/who are going to be the focus of the new mini series?

The story will follow the basic contours of the original pilot, sans the Ovion plotline. Thus, it will focus on setting up the characters and the Colonial world, then telling the story of the Cylon attack, and finally the escape of Galactica and the rag-tag fleet.

Question: What does Mr. Moore hope to accomplish with this reimagining?

I hope to make a good show. That’s the only thing I care about. The filmed product. I want it to be something I’m proud of and something that an audience can embrace.

What is the benefit that makes this approach preferable to the continuation that most fans support? What advantages does the reimagining have over a continuation?

In my view, remaking Galactica provides an opportunity to explore the entire Galactica universe with a fresh approach, while a continuation would lock in elements from the original and straitjacket the storytelling both from a character standpoint and from a plot standpoint. This is a chance to revisit the Galactica world explore it in new ways. It also gives us a chance for a Galactica that might be embraced by an even larger audience beyond the fanbase and allow a new series to get a longer lease on life than the original did.

And as long as we’re on the subject (the subject everyone wants to talk about) let me talk briefly about I came to this project and how I’ve approached it.

In the beginning, I was told the Singer/DeSanto project was being shelved and I was asked whether or not I was interested in coming up with a new take for a Galactica series. I thought about it and said yes, and my pitch was to remake the series. Did I think about doing a continuation? Sure, it was an obvious (and creatively valid) idea, but in all honesty it didn’t interest me as a writer as much as the possibilities inherent in going back to the beginning and retelling the story from a fresh perspective.

Why? To put it simply, I think this is a better CREATIVE approach and I think I’ll do a better job telling this version than I would a continuation. That’s not to say a continuation couldn’t be done or that it’s a bad idea—it’s not. But I think a remake will open up more and better creative opportunities to explore in both the miniseries and the series, and in my opinion, making the best show you possibly can is always the bottom line (or at least should be).

It’s also worth bearing in mind that at the time I was coming up with my pitch, there was no hue and cry for a “continuation or death” on the Internet that I could discern and that it materialized only after the deal had already been sealed and the project was announced. As I said in my earlier posting on the SciFi board, I have listened carefully to the feelings of some of the fans since that time and I do understand their feelings, especially after having traveled such a long road already with multiple attempts at getting a new Galactica on the air.

But that sympathy and understanding didn’t suddenly make me decide that a continuation is a better approach. The audience may still reject this show. It may fail. But it won’t be because I didn’t try to make the very best show I thought I was capable of making. And in the end wouldn’t you be disappointed if the executive producer of the new Battlestar Galactica said anything else?

Mr. Moore, 1. Will the new show focus on characters of all ages or younger actors and actresses?

The characters run the gamut of ages from Adama to Boxey, but I’d say the median age range is probably 30s.

2. Will there be space battles similar to what was portrayed in the original series? If not, why?

There will definitely be space battles, but part of the challenge of this project was how to do a dogfight and not have it just look like the same old thing yet again. We have come up with a new approach to filming the space battles, but you don’t really expect me to give it away now, do you?

3. How much of the ‘look’ of the original series will be incorporated into the new series? Meaning, would the casual fan be able to make the connection that they were watching an updated version of Galactica?

There will be definite design elements which harken back to the original show, first and foremost among them the design of Galactica herself which I consider something of a classic and have no desire to screw around with.

4. Has the sudden cancellation of Farscape changed the way you are approaching Galactica? Meaning, do you now feel pressure to create a show that appeals to a mainstream audience, as opposed to science fiction fans in general?

It hasn’t had much affect on what I’m doing at this point. It does remind me to keep looking over my shoulder, but that’s a lesson I learned in TV a long time ago.

5. What specific themes from the original series will be incorporated into the new production?

The destruction of an entire civilization through a surprise attack, the escape of a rag-tag fleet, the family relationships and friendships at the center of it, the menace provided by the Cylons and the human story of people banding together to survive and search for a shining planet called Earth.

6. There is concern from fandom that the new series will focus too intently on the love lives of the new cast. Can you comment on this?

It’s not all about love lives or sex. Certainly the original had romance and a dash of sex and we’re not going to shy away from that element, but it’s not the central focus.

7. You mentioned that your version of Galactica would be grittier and more down to Earth than what we are used to seeing in contemporary science fiction programming. Can you expand upon what you mean by this? Also, Is this a creative or financial decision?

As I said above, this was a creative decision. Essentially I’m looking for a more grounded, more realistic presentation of science fiction than traditionally presented in the “space opera” format. Taking the opera out of space opera would be another way of putting it. I’m looking to give you more human characters and more realistic stories which take place in a fantastic setting.

8. How would you classify the new Galactica? Meaning, science fiction, action adventure, or as something else?

It’s hard to say it’s not going to be science fiction/adventure, but I would also add that we’re going to try to bring a more naturalistic way of storytelling to the form.

9. Many fans find it hard to imagine Galactica without the original theme music. Your statements in the press seem to indicate that you do not prefer this type of orchestral music. What type of theme music are you planning?

We’re a ways from post-production, so my thinking here is still preliminary. I do think it’s time to move past the usual orchestral score and try something different, but that doesn’t mean I want to discard the original theme altogether. I could go on and on in this vein for a while, but it’s just way too early for this particular discussion. Suffice it to say that I intend on incorporating the original theme music but not with the classic arrangement.

In the original Galactica pilot, the subject of Earth was brought up by Adama (seemingly at random) as a point of destination and never mentioned again in that episode. In your version of Galactica, will the subject of Earth come about a little more naturally than it did in the original show, and more importantly, will Earth and the 13th Tribe actually play a part in the mini series’ storyline?

It will come up at a key point in the story and it will play itself out in a somewhat surprising way. That’s all I’ll say at this point.

Why are you trying to kill the goose that layed the golden egg? A continuation of BSG with a mix of the old and new cast is a sure winner. Why can’t you and TPTB see that?

If I thought that was the case, I obviously wouldn’t be doing it. A continuation is far from a slamdunk recipe for success. I mean, shall we talk about a little show called Galactica 1980? It had a mix of old and new cast members, the exact same costumes, design, theme music, etc. and it stank. Fans sometimes want to pretend it didn’t happen or that it doesn’t count somehow, but the truth is that 1980 was a continuation and it failed. Miserably. We can all argue about why it failed, but the point is that a bad show is a bad show is a bad show and doing a continuation is no guarantee of success just as doing a remake is no guarantee of failure.

Will the ships and fighters and what not be CGI or will you be using any models? If models, will you try to get the original Battlestar Galactica model for filming?

The CGI vs. models debate has only just begun, but the economics are such that I’d be surprised if we didn’t go the CGI route.

QUESTION FOR RONALD D. MOORE: Are you lying to us, Mister Moore? NOTHING is going on with your production! Prove to us there is current movement or move on! We need some proof that you really filming & doing this miniseries.

Well, I suppose I could invite you all over to my office to watch me write, but I don’t have enough chairs...

Mr. Moore, I appreciate your recent discussions with fans; however, many fans of the original Battlestar Galactica have earnestly campaigned for a continuation of the original series some 20 to 30 years (yahrens) after the original series with some of the major characters once again portrayed by the original actors and actresses. There have been a number of suggestions on BG sites to tie the new series to the original by showing the Cylon attacks from different perspectives, revealing that everything was not as it had seemed to those aboard the Galactica. By “recreating” the series in this way, your new miniseries could take a somewhat different look, and would allow you to bring in new main characters who had survived the original onslaught. Many fans of the original series that are not in favor of your proposed “reimagining” would support this based on comments posted on various on-line boards.

It’s an interesting idea, I’ll admit. But personally, I see more and greater possibilities inherent in starting over at the beginning and changing certain problematic elements of the series in order to strengthen the overall franchise.

Q1. What are your rights to use of original designs, props, names, and other storylines from the original series? Please elaborate.

We have complete freedom to use anything we want.

Q2. In the scenario described above, would your production team have the right to use footage from the original series to complement the new show? Please comment.

Theoretically, yes—subject to the usual fees being paid to writers, directors, and actors from the clips involved. Actors, btw, are the only ones with the right to reject the use of a clip or name their own fees.

Q3. Following the scenario described above, would it be possible to reuse footage of the late Lorne Greene and the late John Colicos from the original series to “set the stage” for scenes with the new characters being introduced in the new miniseries?

Theoretically, yes, but that’s not the plan.

Q4. The original Viper was one of the sleekest looking space “fighters” ever seen on the screen, and I hope it or a very similar version will be used in the new miniseries. Unfortunately, the Viper’s ability to turn and maneuver with its three-engine design was questionable to anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of physics and dynamics. In-line engines like this would have to constantly change thrust, which is possible, but for the superb handling required, the presence of maneuvering thrusters would be expected. If these were used in space only, they could be concealed inside the fuselage of the ship so they would not have to be shown on a frequent basis. Is the original Viper design to be used in the new miniseries?

We do plan on incorporating original Vipers into the new mini. Also, we’re giving considerable thought to some of the physics points you’ve made.

Q5. Are there science experts on the production staff’s team who can assist with making the new miniseries scientifically realistic (such as the suggested above)? Who are they and what are their affiliations?

No one’s on staff at this point besides David Eick and myself. Eventually, I do plan on hiring a technical consultant.

Travel between the stars would take far too long with sublight vehicles for the miniseries ever to develop into the traveling situations portrayed in the original series; however, having small ships such as Vipers and shuttles traveling at light speed or above would be equally unrealistic. For space battles between small ships to be realistic for the TV viewer, speeds must be fairly low or it will not be possible to follow the action. Q6. Will the method of travel be explained in a least a simple way (such as to a child) so the miniseries viewer will have some idea of the method by which the Galactica and other ships travel?

This is something that is being directly addressed in the script.

Q7. Have you considered using a method similar to warp, hyperspace, or the Alderson Jump system for travel between the stars?

I have addressed this in the script.

Q8. Have you considered making the Vipers and small ships sublight vehicles with relatively low speeds and relatively short ranges (i.e., within a system only)?

Also in the script.

Mister Moore, I figure you won’t share who you want as the lead actors since you guys would only announce the official cast and actors when its time. Can you comment about Michael Ironside and his role in this production? Will he be appearing?

We have no deal with Michael Ironside or anyone else at this point. Casting won’t even begin until we’re in formal preproduction.

Are the Cylons going to be reptilian, robotic, organic or a mix? How will they differ from the original series?

Can’t answer this one, sorry.

How do you plan to give more backstory to the Colonials? How are they related to Earth? What influences will we see? Will we see it in architecture? In finding ruins on other worlds? (??)

Can’t answer this one either.

Are the Colonial refugees seeking Earth? Is Earth the Thirteenth Tribe?

Yes and yes.

Are you using the word “Colonial” to describe the humans in the show? Are you using their vocabulary which we heard in the original show? Do they use cubits for money? Will they play Pyramid (the card game) and Triad? What else will we see?

They are indeed “Colonials” and there are some other original terms as well.

It has been said that the Colonial fleet will be picked off in surprise attacks. One: Are you going to give names to all (or most) of the Colonial battlestars/warships? Will we know how many ships are ultimately destroyed? Will we see any escape? (Setting up possibilities for future appearances, like the Pegasus.) And why is the Galactica patrolling without an escort? This isn’t normal for any naval fleet.

I have given names to a few other battlestars in the pilot, and they are also drawn from the original pilot. There’s a good deal of information on the fate of the rest of the fleet and the numbers involved. The Galactica is not on patrol during the attack.


That’s a question for SciFi. The previous production was dead well before I ever came in to pitch the remake. Exactly what went down and why is something I honestly don’t have the answer to.

How are Adama and Baltar “linked” in your version? What bonds do they share?

Can’t answer this one, sorry.

Will we see the entire Adama family, like Ila, Zac, Athena, and Apollo? How do you establish their last names? Surely there’s another “Athena” or “Adama” running around the colonies?

You won’t see the entire family and I do establish their last names.

I would love to see the same music as the original BG as I feel the music in new shows like Enterprise has become very dull and fails to properly relate what is happening on screen. I wouldn’t expect a full return to “over the top” dramatic music like very old Sci-Fi, however a good balance would be nice. less humdrum. could you please comment on this.

I completely agree on the dullness of music in current science fiction and I have been wanting to do something more interesting for a long time.

Commander Cain and the Pegasus. The planet Kobol and the magnetic void. Count Iblis and the Ships of Light/Guardians of the Universe. The planet Terra. These and other stories were part of the original Battlestar Galactica show. Your pilot episode can’t cover all of this. Do you plan to utilize these elements in an ongoing series? (Which ones?)

As I said above, I’m going to wait on this one for a while, but Commander Cain is a strong candidate for a future storyline.

How many yahrens have the Cylons been at war with the Colonials? WHY were they at war with the Colonials?

Both these questions will be answered in the pilot, but not now.

Do you plan to have robot Cylons? Do they look like the original show’s Cylons or something else? What do you have in mind?

Sorry, no answer here either.

What are your feelings about the ne gative fan response to your idea for a remake of Battlestar Galactica? Did you ever think twice about whether a continuation or a prequel might work as well as a remake? Are you using any of Tom DeSanto’s pre-production design work on your show? If not, why?

The negative reaction goes with the territory. I understand the feelings of people who had their hearts set on something else and now it’s up to us to prove to them that we’re offering something we feel is a good show worthy of its name. We have looked at the design work from the DeSanto project and some of it might work for us as well.

For Ron Moore: Why didn’t you bring Tom DeSanto aboard this production of yours? Why did SCI-FI Channel decide to make their April 2002 announcement when DeSanto was still working on his Battlestar show with Universal and StudiosUSA? When did David Eick start working on this show? 2001? 2002? When did you get involved? Breck Eisner? Please do share with us.

David Eick approached me sometime around February/March of this year and said that the studio was looking for a new take on the BG project. He and I and Breck Eisner (who David had worked with before) discussed my initial take on a remake for a few weeks, then I pitched it to first the studio and then the network. They bought it, we made a deal and then they announced it in April. I can’t speak for Tom or tell you the ins and outs of his project, but I can tell you that there was nothing secretive about my becoming involved. It was all handled very matter of fact and at no time was there ever any suggestion that the previous project was still alive or under active consideration.

What was your favorite episode of Roswell? Of your Star Trek work? Of the original Battlestar Galactica show and why? And what do you think would be fans’ favorite episode of your Battlestar Galactica show if you get a series? Put another way what story would you like to tell most in an ongoing series?

I have a few favorites of both Roswell and Trek. For my episodes of Roswell, I’d say “Cry Your Name” and “I Married an Alien!” At the Trek, the ones off the top of my head are “Tapestry” “Trials & Tribble-ations” “In the Pale Moonlight” “Family” “It’s only a Paper Moon.”

First of all, you probably think everyone hates you and how you took over the show. That’s completely true. So I will ask, how do you think fans will embrace your show and why will they embrace it? Yes, there were TOS fans against TNG in the 80’s, but that was different as the TOS’ers were in movies so they were still accessible to fans. Since we aren’t going to see the originals in their original role, how do you think fans will embrace your show and why?

Despite your assertion to the contrary, I know that even within the vocal fan community there are people who are looking forward to the remake—they just get shouted down on the Internet boards, which I’ve seen happen over and over again. Personally, I think people will embrace the show if it’s good. To me, that’s really the only test that matters: Is it any good? If it is, the fans will embrace it, if not then they won’t.

Will the exact battlestar Galactica model design be used in the new show? How will it be modified?

As I said above, we are planning on using the original design, but none of the actual work involved has even begun yet so there’s no way to discuss any possible changes.

Is the Cylon Imperious Leader going to be seen? Will there be a Lucifer character? Will we understand Cylon culture better than the original series?

The Cylon culture will be understood more clearly than in the original version. I’m not willing to discuss any particulars about them yet, however, including any of the potential Cylon characters.

What’s the ethnic diversity on this show? Tigh and Boomer were black. Are you doing the same again?

There will be diversity in casting when we get to that stage.

Mr. Moore you watched “Saga of a Star World” before writing your script. You’ve said in a past interview that it was the only episode you watched before writing your script. WHY??? Why wouldn’t you watch the entire series to see? And a follow-up: If you watched the rest of the episodes since, please comment what you did ? and didn’t ? like about them.

I’m redoing the pilot, so I watched the pilot. I do remember enough of the series to understand the universe that was originally created. I knew who Lucifer was, I remembered Count Iblis, I had the hots for Sheba and I remembered thinking the ship of lights was pretty cool, but I didn’t see how watching “Gun on Ice Planet Zero” or “Fire in Space” again was going to help me redo the pilot. I do plan on watching them all again before we go into production on the series, to see if there are any story elements to pick up on, but probably not before then.

I bumped into you at Paramount years ago. You’ve changed. When did you get a fire lit under you to be the next Gene Roddenberry? Are you trying to outdo Piller, Braga and Berman somehow? Why do so many people think you and Bonnie Hammer have problems over this production? We know you have opinions and you don’t back off of script suggestions easily at least for the guy I knew. How much input does Hammer, Jackson and others have on the script? What are you fighting to keep in the scripts? Actually, I don’t believe you’ll answer this but it’s interesting to see where you wound up.

I’m not quite sure I understand the Roddenberry question. In that regard, all I can tell you is that I’ve wanted to create and run my own series ever since I got in the business and it will continue to be a goal for as long as I do television. Running a show is what it’s all about to me on a professional and creative level, but that’s not really driven by a need to “be” Gene or something. As to the Bonnie Hammer situation, I don’t know why this is such a hot topic of Internet speculation. Sure, there are creative differences between the show-runner (me) and the network (them), but that’s the case in every piece of television ever produced. The question is how big those differences are. At the moment, they’re not that big and we’ve talked through the notes that have come up. If I thought the script was being eviscerated or damaged, I’d raise a stink about it, but that’s not the case. So far, they’ve been pretty reasonable to deal with and I’m not unhappy about the changes I’ve agreed to make.

Dragonriders of Pern: that production never took off because you had creative differences with the WB. You wanted to honor the original books and Anne McCaffery. I want to know what’s so different about Galactica? By re-imagining, how are you honoring the original work when fans greatly support a continuation series with the original cast and characters and some new folks also. Why would you stand up for Pern and not Galactica in this way?

I felt that what WB wanted to do to Pern was going to damage it so I put my foot down. I do not feel that remaking BG is damaging to it, I think it’s a good way to bring the show back. And once again, I feel I must point out that the people who are arguing for “honoring the original work” continue to overlook the fact that Galactica 1980 is part of the original canon as well and everybody is more than willing to chuck that overboard just because they don’t like it. Well, I don’t think you can have it both ways—if we must honor the original at all costs because it’s a moral obligation, then a continuation picks up after the events of 1980 not in some alternate future where they’re still hunting for Earth years later.

Mr. Moore, you are known for good character writing. How could the original characters have been improved? How do you intend to portray Apollo, Starbuck, Athena, Adama, Tigh, Boomer and Baltar in your show?

I’m interested in deepening the character relationships both within the Adama family and without. I feel that a sharper focus on the characters and less focus on the sci-fi plot of the week will create a different kind of science fiction series, one where the human equation is front and center. This is the heart of my approach—make the new Galactica more about people, less about sci-fi hardware and pseudo-scientific tech talk.

Is there a Serina in this show? Is there a Boxey? Is there a Muffit? How are their fates different than the original show?

There is a Boxey.

Mr. Moore, as your production is airing on a channel that caters to a specific audience, have you also geared it to catch the non-sci-fi audience (like the rest of my family who will watch SF, as long as it’s easy to follow) that the original series tried to ensnare?

Capturing the general audience is a priority to us and I very much want people who don’t normally watch science fiction to give this one a chance.


We have made some preliminary inquiries to members of the original cast regarding their participation, but it’s still too early to tell.

I so enjoyed your work on the Star Trek series—so why do you not see the obvious advantages of a built in audience for Galactica by including the original characters and continuing the story line which all loyal fans have waited for 25 years to see?

I do see the advantages of a continuation, I just think they are outweighed both creatively and commercially by the advantages inherent in doing a remake.

Why not make the fans happy and have a CONTINUATION and not a RE-IMAGINATION. Will the ship designs remain the same? Vipers, Battlestar Galactica, and Cylon Raiders? You said that some of the actors had passed on so you couldn’t do a continuation. Did you ever think that by still having that character you are honoring the memories of those who passed on?

The first two questions I’ve answered, but I honestly don’t understand the last one.

Will we see the Egyptian style helmets again on the Viper pilots?? Will there be the same type of Colonial Warrior uniforms?? What about weaponry?? And how are the Cylons armed??

These design elements are under discussion and no decision has been made.

Question for Ronald Moore....will there be twelve colonies, as in twelve planets? Will each one be destroyed and inhabited by the Cylons?

There will definitely be twelve colonies and they will all be destroyed by the Cylons.

So who’s your favorite character in YOUR new show and why?

I’d have to say Adama, Baltar, and our new Cylon character are my favorites so far. Without going into specifics it’s hard to tell you why, but essentially I’m fascinated with them as characters and people, with all their contradictions, complexities and flaws.

Mr. Moore, thank you very much for this opportunity. Being an Australian fan of Battlestar Galactica and science fiction in general, we are a little naive to the workings of the Sci-Fi Channel, but from what we can tell they seem to be going a little crazy over there. Farscape, an intensely popular sci-fi series with an enormous fan base has been cancelled, and their focus seems to be shifting from science fiction as fans like their science fiction. How might—or is—this affecting your hoped for production of the BSG mini-series, and any possible spin-off television series that may come from your labors?

It’s too early to say how it might or might not affect BG. I was as surprised as everyone else when they cancelled Farscape.

Is the Sci-Fi Channel the right home for any kind of Battlestar Galactica rebirth? You know the old saying “plant seed in bad soil, and it will rot.”

So far, it’s been a positive experience with SciFi, so I will continue to simply hope for the best.

Why are you going with a re-imaging? Maybe you guys should consider a poll on a re-imaging or a continuation. Is there any chance of reconsidering for a continuation? I would love to see Apollo and Starbuck with the original actors.

As far as I know, a continuation is not being considered.

Why do you and others in your position fail to listen to what people want? Would it not be more profitable to give the fans what they want?

At this point, you can argue that the percentage of people who care to post messages on the internet about BG and who attend conventions are in favor of a continuation, but you can’t say with any certainty that this somehow reflects the feelings of the larger potential fanbase itself, which remains overwhelmingly inactive (by which I mean they’re fans of the original but aren’t currently involved on the net or any other organized activity.

Let’s say that a potential “fan” of BG is anyone who has a positive memory of the original and would like to see a new series based strictly on that positive association. I have to think we’re talking about numbers in the millions. Those millions of potential fans have not and will not make their feelings known on the subject until the miniseries premieres and they either accept or reject it. If we start to talk about the general audience itself which has little to no memory of the original but probably has some recognition of the name, now we’re talking about tens of millions of people and every argument about continuation vs. remake is essentially meaningless to them. All they’ll care about is whether or not it’s any good.

So the bottom line is, we’re not going to know “what people want” until we show them the show. That’s always the way it is. You never know until you’re done. If you could test and poll and demographically analyze your way to success, believe me the studios and networks would do a lot better than they do. I’m not a big believer in demos and polls and marketing analysis as a way of doing a good TV show anyway and I’m not about to start. You have a creative vision and you work like hell to realize it—that’s how you do something good, not poring over the numbers some suit in market research has cooked up for you.

Beyond the initial re-imagining of the first Battlestar Galactica episode, “Saga of a Star World,” will other storylines from the original series be tackled as well? For example, will the new Galactica crew visit Kobol?

Like I said, the other storylines will be considered later.

Why not use the original cast of Galactica? The original Trek characters were used in Wrath of Khan to astonishing success, dramatically and gave rise to the Next Generation films which could NOT have succeeded if it weren’t for the success of the original series actors.

In my view, Star Trek is the exception that proves the rule. To my knowledge—and correct me if I’m wrong—no other film or TV show has successfully emulated the Trek formula. In fact, the ONLY successes are the remakes: Charlie’s Angels, Mission: Impossible, the Bond Films, The Addams Family, The Brady Bunch, MASH. Each of these recast and remade the original without the use of the original actors in their original roles (except with the notable exceptions of Q & Moneypenny in Bond, and Radar in MASH).

Many have tried to go the Trek route (Bonanza: The Next Generation anyone?) but none have succeeded. Consider The Brady Bunch—an iconic beloved show that has firmly implanted itself in pop culture. Could anyone replace Greg and Marcia? Surely not. But when Paramount tried to revive a continuation of the Bunch in the early 90’s with the original cast reprising their roles and picking up the story years later it failed, just as have all the others. But when they recast the roles and approached the material from a completely different, ironic angle it took off and was an immediate success.

The closest anyone has come to emulating Trek are the one shot reunion TV movies that are essentially an exercise in nostalgia like The Wild, Wild West Revisited or Return to Gilligan’s Island. If that’s the limit of your ambition, then I guess that’s fine, but the goal here is to produce a pilot for an on-going series.

I think there are important factors which allowed Trek and Trek alone to succeed with a continuation: only ten years had passed since the original series was broadcast; the entire original cast was still alive; the show was cancelled before the advent of ratings demographic information which would’ve shown it already had a vital audience on NBC which advertisers would’ve killed to get their hands on; and most importantly, the series itself had reached iconographic status in the American audience’s mind well before the first movie was even contemplated.

It is no insult to Galactica or its fans to say that none of those factors apply in this situation, as indeed there is no other series in the history of television that can make a similar claim, which is why I say Trek is the exception that proves the rule.

I suspect you intend to infuse Galactica with a more “hip” younger cast ala Beverly Hills 90210. Could you elaborate on just what age types you will place in this universe?

Actually, I have no intention of going with young “hip” casting ala 90210. Most of the characters are in their twenties & thirties, a few are in their forties & fifties, one is a teenager and one is a kid.

Will your show be character driven drama/action like the original Galactica or will it be a strictly technology based show like The Next Generation?

This will be a character-driven show.

Mr. Moore, I am a devoted sci fi fan... everything from Star Wars to Star Trek... and I’m very curious on this new this miniseries of the re imagined BG...going to have the same principles and ideology as the original?..and will the show cater to all sci fi fans..or just the younger crowd, and I mean the crowd that follows the whole Buffy teeny trends that have plagued TV now for a few years?

We’re not doing anything like Buffy (nothing against Buffy). This will pick up on the themes and mythos established in the original and retell the tale in a new way.


My experience is that the fans are passionate not psychotic. I’m not worried about the “unstable” elements out there, I’m worried about making a good show. Parallel universes and the like are something I’m hoping to avoid on this series.

Does the Sci-Fi Channel see Richard Hatch as a liability to the new Battlestar mini-series production?

Not to my knowledge. In fact, despite what the dark conspiracy theorists on the Internet may tell you, I have never once heard anyone at either the studio or the network say one bad thing about Richard Hatch. All I’ve heard is about how passionate he is about BG and how astonishing it was that he laid out his own cash to produce a trailer. They respect his guts even if they don’t want to go with his take.

I know Glen A. Larson owns the rights to the characters it was REALLY Richard Hatch who was the one who got this revival started and got the suits interested in the franchise why can you at the very least acknowledge the man and thank him for all he has accomplished Mr. Moore?

I’m more than happy to: Thank you, Richard. It was your commitment and passion that likely got people interested in Galactica after a long hiatus and I am more than willing to give credit where credit is due.

Why not a continuation of the original series? Has anyone that worked on the original series in any way (actor or behind the personal) been approached for the new production? What about an all CGI series that is a continuation of the original series?

We have made a few preliminary inquiries to people involved with the original, but no deals have been struck. Someone wants to do a CGI continuation, more power to them.

Like many fans, I was dismayed at the thought of a re-imagined Battlestar Galactica. However, upon learning the writer of such wonderful, character driven episodes of TNG (such as “Family”) was being placed in charge of the production and writing, I became cautiously optimistic. Your previous comments regarding the series sounded right on the money. I too never understood why the Colonials would leave themselves wide open to attack after a thousand years of war. I also dislike the “alien forehead of the week” syndrome that has plagued Star Trek since Voyager. It would be great to see Galactica move in What sci-fi TV needs right now is good, solid, HUMAN storytelling. One of the most positive strengths of Galactica was its non-stereotypical diversity. Will you be retaining the same cast orientation, such as Colonel Tigh and Boomer as African-American males? These men were inspirational to me in my youth as I am sure the strong female characters in the show were to the young women who watched the program? I hope so. I would love an answer to this question and to see how this new program develops under your guidance. Good luck... I will be watching.

There will be racial diversity in casting and I think you’ll be surprised to see how many strong female roles there are this time around.

Hello Mr. Moore, my name is Geoff and I just want to offer my official regret and sympathies that your attempt to create this new Battlestar Galactica series has failed, can you enlighten me as to what went wrong?

Your condolences are premature. The production is doing well.

We fans of Battlestar Galactica are aware of the fact that your production will be a re-imagining of the original series. Will all of the main characters that we know and love (for example, Starbuck, Apollo, Boomer, Colonel Tigh, Commander Adama, Athena, Cassiopeia, Baltar) be included in this new work?

Most of the characters you mentioned will be in the mini.

Mr. Moore, you say you are a fan of the old show, why did you decide on doing a re-make of Battlestar Galactica and not do a continuation? Why did you not even consider using the old cast? Aren’t you in the least bit concerned that you are alienating the already established fan base? Why “cheapen” the images we true fans have of the show and our favorite characters? Please clarify your reasons to us fans. Will you be adapting or re-imagining any of the other episodes from the original show if your re-imagined Galactica is picked up as a regular series? And, how many characters/ ship designs from the original show should we expect to see in this new production?

It’s precisely because I was a fan of the old show that I want to do a remake. I’d like to go back to the beginning and tell the story from the start because I think it’s the best way to make a successful series and the way that opens up the most creative avenues to explore. It was my first instinct when I was approached to work on the project and I still think it’s the best way to go. Doing a remake doesn’t “cheapen” the original at all in my view. In fact, if anything it’ll probably drive more people to check out the original on DVD to see where the new show came from in the first place.

Mr. Moore: The ongoing ratings performances of recently “remade” series/movies has been dismal. With that in mind, why do you feel Battlestar Galactica needs to be remade...would it not be better to continue where the series left off and fast-forward it twenty years, or barring that, create a parallel storyline with different characters in the same time setting as the original?

As I said above, several remakes have been successful (Charlie’s Angels, Mission: Impossible, etc.) and I think a parallel storyline with different characters would be even more confusing to a new viewer than either a straight continuation or a remake.

Character questions—will Adama’s family remain intact (except, naturally, for the loss of Zac and Adama’s wife in the attack)? Will Boxey be present? If so, what will happen with his mother and Apollo? Will “occasional” characters like Greenbean and Jolly be around (with their familiar “look”...yes, it’s understood these will be new actors)?

These are too specific for me to answer right now.

Will the artificial Daggits be present?


Will the events in the 4th and 5th hours of the original series, including the visit to Kobol (“Lost Planet of the Gods” parts 1 & 2) be included as part of the mini-series, as this truly gets the fleet moving?

“Lost Planet of the Gods” will not figure into the pilot.

Will the fleet have its familiar form, for example, the ship designs and markings (for example, Colonial Movers)?

Design work on the ragtag fleet has yet to begin.

Will an effort be made to keep the look of the Galactica itself the same? (Including the exterior, naturally, but also the ship’s bridge and corridors.)

While I want to keep the exterior largely intact, the interiors will probably be different.

Will the uniforms be FAMILIAR if not identical...weapons and tech also?

Not yet discussed in detail.

Will this be more of a “remake” than a “re-imagining?” Will it easily fit into the existing Galactica universe? Will fans be able to easily accept the new version as an extension, if not continuation, of the original?

I’m not sure of the semantic difference you’re trying to make. It will follow the same basic plot as the original with most of the original characters, themes and settings.

Will any series to follow the mini also replay essential elements, so that the Galactica universe will keep its known form? (The Pegasus and its crew, Count Iblis, the beings of light and their involvement, etc.)?

As I said, these things are all possible in the eventual series.

Mr. Moore, your plans call for a retelling of the original three hour TV movie in a four hour miniseries, staying true to the original themes and characters. Much of what made Battlestar Galactica an icon, however, comes from what was introduced following that three hour movie; the void en route to Kobol, the ships of light, Count Iblis, the Pegasus, etc. These were not just backstories or side plots; they are integral weaves in the Galactica mythology itself. If the Sci Fi Channel production of Battlestar Galactica becomes a regular weekly series, and assuming that you will be involved in the series production, what if any of these and other elements from the original series do you hope to include?

Same answer.

What are the problems dealing with Sci-Fi to get this project done? Why isn’t there more information available to the fans, who will ultimately make or break the production?

So far, the “problems” fall within the acceptable range of creative differences between a writer and a network and really aren’t causing me any great difficulty. There’s relatively little information for the fans, because right now the only thing to talk about is the script.

I’ve read your comments on about fans comments about continuation vs. remake. In it you say that our voices have been heard and that our opinions do count, but your decision remains the same. How can you say our opinions count and our voices matter when our wishes for a continuation instead of a remake have been disregarded?

I am interested in what you think because it tells me about which elements in the show matter to the fans and which do not. Of course I want you to like the new show and of course I hope that I can change a few minds or at least open a few minds by listening to you and interacting with you in forums like this. I do listen to what you have to say, but I’m not going to lie to you and say I’m reconsidering the direction of the show when I’m not. I think I can listen to what you have to say, try to understand your feelings on the matter, but in the end I can’t put the creative direction of the show up for a vote.

Having dealt with fans in the past you know how passionate an entity fandom of any franchise is, whether it be a Sci Fi Show or a Soap. How has your brief exposure to Battlestar Galactica’s fanbase differed to your experiences with the Star Trek fans, has it been a good experience for you, and do you feel that you have learned anything from your communications with the BG fans.

They strike me as very similar to the Trek fans: passionate, knowledgeable about their show, committed to getting a good quality product, and unwilling to accept something they think won’t be worthy of the name. I respect that and it’s my job to give them something I believe is worthy of its lineage.

One of your biggest points in some of your more recent interviews is that you felt the way in which all 12 of the colonies in the original BG pilot movies were wiped out a little to easily, I seem to recall that you felt it was somewhat unrealistic. Is there any chance you could tell us, (without giving too much away), how your version of the events differ from those depicted in the original show.

I really can’t without going into the particulars of the new backstory and how it feeds into the pilot without giving too much away (and I just sat here and tried).

In the unlikely event, that Sci Fi or Universal were to change their mind, and chose the continuation route. How would you feel about that, and if they asked you to stay on and perhaps to work with other writers, would you be open minded enough to stay on.

I would certainly keep an open mind.

Thank you very much for participating in this forum. We the fans of Battlestar Galactica really appreciate your time and consideration. Question: I have always thought that the Galactica itself was a bit small—especially the landing bays and in comparison to the Cylon base ships. Is there any thinking as to modify the ship at all? A Star Wars look with people actually in the bays with a force field effect—working on the vipers and launching them—I think would be really cool. Thanks.

We’re talking about some of these very issues.

Were you a fan of BG in 1978?


If the Battlestar Galactica mini series has good ratings, will there be a Battlestar Galactica series?

That’s the plan.

Please reconsider, make Battlestar Galactica a continuation. With Hatch & Benedict reprising there roles as Apollo and Starbuck. Will you be using ANY of the original actors reprising their original roles in the new mini-series? If not, why not?

As I said, we will continue to try to reach out to the original actors.

Mr. Moore, If this is a re-imagining of the original series—why call it Battlestar Galactica? If it is to be fresh and new—give it a different title. If the original title is to be used then keep the original story line going with the original characters.

You will recognize it as Battlestar Galactica.

Hi Mr. Moore, When can we expect to see the new Battlestar Galactica show air? Will we be getting a look at the new show any time soon?

The earliest would be Fall ‘03.

The old show had a mystical element to it, will this continue? Also, it looked ‘realistic’—more so than today’s science fiction. Will this be the case?

We are going with a very “realistic” approach.

Why ignore the history that made BSG great in the first place?

If anything, we’re revisiting and amplifying the history of BG.

Glen Larson relied heavily on his Mormon faith to provide mythological heft to the original series. Are we going to see a similar effort in this new series?

The mythological roots are there, but not in the same format. Okay, that’s a really unsatisfying answer, I know, but again, there’s no way to talk about some of these things without giving it all away.

You say “Yes, Virginia, there are Cylons.” How prominently will Cylons figure in to the new story?

They are VERY prominent.

How do you intend to embrace the fans of the old series with what you are intending now?

By reaching out to them in this forum and others and continuing to provide information as we go along in the hopes that even my harshest critic will at least give the new show a chance.

Did you see the Original Broadcast of the series?


Is the word reimagining really the best term to describe this production? From what you have described we are going to see a story that is much more character driven and gives a much more detailed backstory of the Galactica universe. From your Sci-fi posts you will retain much of the TOS mythos. Are we not really looking at the same story (essentially) from a different perspective (the civilian view ) and that an argument could be made that this is a “refocusing” of the TOS?

My comments on the civilian world are probably more directed at the future series than the miniseries. The mini’s focus is by necessity on the military world because it’s the story of a military attack and its aftermath. The civilian world is set up in the mini but will be enlarged in the series.

Mr. Moore, Do you ever find it an uphill struggle to convince the world of BG fans to the way of thinking of one individual (yours) when everyone else so much wants something else (the continuation)?

I’m a dogged optimist.

I am very fond of the series Knightrider, but I am very disappointed by Team Knightrider. Are fears justified that the Galactica remake might be equally disappointing ?

I think we can do better than Team Knightrider, personally.

Has all of the fan reaction to the idea of a remake made you re-consider the idea of not having the new series as a continuation ?


Do you respect the efforts made by Richard Hatch to revive the series and has his efforts had any influence on your decision(s) on how to proceed ?

He has my admiration and respect for his efforts, but it doesn’t impact my decision-making. In all fairness, a continuation has had at least three different chances: Galactica 1980, Richard Hatch’s project, and then the Singer/DeSanto version. So I don’t think you could say a continuation hasn’t had a fair shot. Let’s give the remake at least one try before it’s condemned.

Have you seen the Richard Hatch/Second Coming trailer and please will you share your thoughts on it if you have ?

I haven’t had the opportunity although I’ve made a few inquiries. I do have a connection that might be able to get a look at a copy at some point and when and if that happens, I’ll tell you what I think.

Are the ship types going to include new and original designs (like those of SteveW) and new and different ragtag fleet ships? Also what type Vipers will be used, including newer viper models and new attack styles?

Design work is in the future.

Mr. Moore, will there be Cylon basestars? What other Cylon ships will be made?

There will be Cylon basestars and other types.

What toys are going to be made?

The Ronald D. Moore action figure complete with guillotine will be available soon.

WHEN will the BG video game/PC game ever get released? Please answer this one question!! If it’s being retooled to fit with your show, please tell us, too. I also wish to know when the BG original series DVDs are being released.

I have no idea.

How can the fans help get this mini-series off the ground? We are ever patient, but obviously wish to help any legitimate works for restoring BSG to it’s original glory (or hopefully exceeding it!).

Spread the word and get people excited.

Hi Ron, liked your last Erotic Klingon Sculpture. Anyway, am wondering if events in the last week may have altered your feelings on Galactica. As in the cancellation of Farscape, which was Sci Fi’s 2nd highest rated show. Also are you at all worried that what happened to B5LR could happen to your re-imaging of Galactica?

If I wasn’t worried I’d be in the wrong business. Things can always go wrong. Projects can experience sudden and drastic reversals in fortune (Pern was five DAYS away from filming when they pulled the plug). But you can’t take counsel of your fears, you have to just do your best and keep going. I will refrain from asking about my last Erotic Klingon Sculpture lest I get an answer.

We have a last chance to see Hatch and Benedict reprise their roles as Apollo and Starbuck. Why do you not support this idea? They are a great part of BSG chemistry, and they would represent the memories of the old series as a bridge to new stories and characters. If the old characters won´t be used this time, you most understand they won´t have another chance...

Hey, I’ve got nothing against a continuation or the actors, it’s just not the project I want to do.

Mr. Moore, I believe I understand why you have not watched the rest of the series. For now, this is a 4 hour mini series of the pilot. But we all know this is an audition if you will for a weekly series which is why they asked you to participate. (my opinion of course) You have a lot of experience in this area. So my questions are based on a continuing weekly series. 1. Will we see the return of the Pegasus? 2. Will we see the return of Count Iblis and the Ships of Light? 3. Do you see any of the old series story arcs as viable story arcs for the new series?

Again, all will be considered later.

Have you seen Battlestar Galactica “The Sentinels” animated trailer or the comic strip by Dave Kerin? Your opinion of it as a new series?

I have not seen it.

I guess my main question is WHY? If we look at the popularity of Star Trek and their fan base, we see that what the fans like and desire can make or break anything. Therefore, I ask, why has SciFi denied to hear the voices of the BG fans? I can see adding new characters and new story lines, but why not bring back as many of the original characters as possible. Unfortunately, we lost Adama and Baltar. But that should not deny the other characters existence. What is Sci Fi going to do, just deny the history of the show??

SciFi can speak for themselves. I don’t know why they bought my pitch rather than go for another crack at a continuation. All I can tell you is that this is the best way to go for me.

I feel that all avenues should be looked at, and any closed minded approach should be denied. I don’t care who is running the show; without a fan base you are doomed. I understand the person in charge at Sci Fi is not willing to look at bringing back the original stars. Shame on her. Even Star Trek brought back some of the original characters. So, in a nutshell, please explain, why this is the best course of action? Why is the fan base being ignored? But in the end, when can we expect to see the finished product. I would be willing to view this new show and make my own determination if it is warranted a second look. Good luck and God speed

Thanks for at least being willing to give it a chance. I think your other questions are answered above.

Mr. Moore, why do you lie (LIE) to us in some of your BG posts? You aren’t telling the truth and you know it. Tell us.

Curses, you have seen through my evil web of lies. I must flee to my black helicopter now and escape to my mountain hideout...

Mr. Moore, As you have witnessed there is a large battle ahead if you want to win over support of the existing fan base. To help do so would you consider sharing more solid information about your plans with the fans. Michael Piller has done such things for The Dead Zone as posting the first act of the upcoming script so fans can read it before hand... therefore building advanced interest to tune in. Would you consider releasing excerpts of the script to the fan community to attempt to gain interest? Or possibly some of the design plans for sets / ships. These aspects will not certainly win total support from everyone, but it may help get some to watch and give it a chance. (if it shows the quality you say will be there)

I’ve thought about this and it’s a possibility but certainly not until we’re greenlit and moving forward into production.

QUESTION FOR MISTER MOORE: When will he release a couple of pages of the script to the Internet or the full script like they did on the Dead Zone web site?

Maybe at some point.

Mr. Moore, Why haven’t you made more effort to release information to and other BG web properties? You know full well that a ground swelling of fan support starts here. You’re so blessed to have webmasters like Michael Faries, Nathan Proia and others who work their collective asses off for free for you guys. Do you expect a free ride? Do you plan to give them more information? You don’t work through these and other sites more says everything about your production. It too says it is going nowhere. You have nothing going on. Same with DeSanto’s.

There is no production yet, hence there is precious little information to pass on.

MOORE: Why will YOUR show be BETTER than the original? Or HOW will it be better?

I will decline the invitation to put my foot in my mouth and say we’re going to be better than the original. We’re going to be good. Let’s leave it at that.

Mr. Moore, Susan says hello and wonders when she will be hired aboard your show?


What can you do to assure us that this will not be another “soap opera” in space like Deep Space 9 where nobody ever went anywhere very often and did anything at first, and by the time there was action, it was too late, and the thing was cancelled. I would rather see some good cowboys and Indians in space than another soap opera like all the Star Trek series. We have enough soaps out there. we don’t need anyone to turn BG into one.

Hey, I should be so lucky as to make a show as rich and textured as DS9.

I have been a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica since its beginnings. I watched and waited while other less important shows did their reunions, but no one thought about Battlestar Galactica. Richard Hatch is on the right track. He realizes that the fans do not want to go back and start all over again... we want to know what happened to the characters that we fell in love with—that we bonded with all of those years ago. The original cast is what we are calling for. It can work coupled with a cast of new characters to take on the role that Apollo, Starbuck, Boomer, and Bojay took on. If something works, why do so many want to fix it? Why isn’t the “Powers” actually listening to us, the fans? After all we are the ones that must watch the series. One can’t change the face of a sleeping giant. One can only hope to possess it and take it to the next level. Why is this so hard to understand? Thank you for your time.

I think you’ll find answers to your questions above.

Mister Moore, I am going to make a BG website. I was interested by other BG websites and I want to contribute to your show and I was a member of the BG fan club which don’t seem to support you. I will I believe. Where are your production sketches? When do we see the script? Or learn about the actors and people on your show? Where is your website? Do you like BG? Will you write the book too?

We have no sketches, no website, no nothing. There is a script. That’s it. I doubt I would write the novelization.

Mr. Moore, With all due respect, but why the re-imagine? There is so much more you can do with the series and a re-imagine is the worst choice. Why not a sequel??

See above.

Ron, Are there any plans at this time to include any original cast members in the new production, even as cameos? If not, do you see any likelihood that such an inclusion could be possible?

It’s possible.

Since you know a lot of fans, like me, want the Original Cast back, would you in the future be up to doing a show about Battlestar Galactica discovering earth? Or are you thinking about having the new cast get to earth?

I doubt we’ll ever get to Earth.

When you were following your dream to become a writer, did you ever think that someday you would be using it to crush the dreams of others?

Gee, and “When did you stop beating your wife?”

What is your favorite color?

Hunter Green.

What right do you have to destroy something we all love?

I’m sure it’s in the Constitution somewhere... Oh, come on! Do you really think I would be doing this if I thought I was destroying something? I love it too.

To Ronald D. Moore: Today is 9/11.... From the 9/11/02 “Welcome to AOL” intro screen: “Building on Emotion” Quiet Park, New Towers? The Reimagining of Ground Zero. Note the word “reimagining.” Not a pleasant thought. It was used frequently today on the news (television, web, radio, newspapers.) WHY is this production being called a reimagining?

Personally, I call it a remake.

Mr. Moore: How true to the original concept are you planning to be? Is there any chance of original cast members getting into the show (like Star Trek to the motion pictures)?

You will definitely recognize it as very similar to the original concept.

Mr. Ronald D. Moore, recreating the cataclysmic events of human kind’s destruction on BG is deplorable considering the tension over 9/11, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, fighting in other countries and war coming soon for Iraq, the U.S. And the U.K. Why are you choosing to retell the story of BG instead of continuing it? You can give us hope for the survivors that their struggle is not in vain and that they might take back their homelands someday or at least defeat their mortal enemies the Cylon Alliance.

Actually, good science fiction comments on and explores contemporary social/political problems, is doesn’t avoid them.

Will there be space scenes and space combat or will this show revolve around several characters who are mainly passengers?

There will definitely be space scenes and space battles.

Will characters like Adama, Baltar be revived through new actors?


Will there also be planetary scenes as well as space scenes?

A few in the mini. Most of the mini takes place in space.

When will the show be timed to be prior to the original Fleet being attacked at Cimtar or will it be after the fleet has been destroyed and the rag tag fleet is in flight?

The pilot begins before the attack.

I hope there will not be any Occult sequences or characters who magically do things?

You’re safe on that account. No magic.

Mr. Moore: 1) Will you be able to expand the budget for the show?

That’s the fight a producer has every week and every day. I’ll always be trying.

2) Will the new show have at least some of the ‘epic feel’ seen in (most of) the original series?

I think so.

3) Will the Cylons be portrayed as acting alone or will they be in an Alliance with other aliens?

They’re on their own at least in the mini.

Will you allow your remake to be largely compatible with the original (i.e. the ship is a battlestar named Galactica, its commander is a man named Adama from a planet named Caprica, the “bad guys” are called Cylons, etc.)?

Yes to all the above.

Are you considering having any original cast members reprising their roles in the remake?

Not their actual roles, but perhaps in other roles.

Does the series take place in the current year (i.e. 2002), in Earth’s past, or in Earth’s future?

I think we should remain ambiguous as to the date relative to our Earth calendar.

Do you intend for the Colonials to actually find Earth? If so, will Earth become a contributing ally, or more a helpless world the Colonies have to protect from the Cylons?

I don’t think we’re going to find Earth.

My Question: Since you don’t want Galactica a Space Drama with a lush rich orchestra score (and I am a fan of such scores, and soundtracks. Ever listen to Gone with the Wind, or Lawrence of Arabia?,..Ben Hur?), what will be your overall expectation of the Composers that you plan to hire? Are you looking for Full Orchestra, Limited Orchestra, Electronics, or Pop Flavored accompaniment to the on screen action and drama? Shuddering at your answer.

I answered this above, but in essence I’m not looking for pop and I’m not looking for lush orchestral. Again, I just can’t give you a good answer here, sorry.

In researching Battlestar Galactica, what surprised you about the original series the most?

How truly dark it was in the beginning. How they really did try to go for a different format than existed in other filmed science fiction. How even though the Star Wars influence is obvious throughout, it truly does have its own identity.

Why won’t you use the original cast, with new characters. Look at Harley Davidson, they kept their old design v-45 twin and evolved on it, and look at their success. you could do the same with Battlestar Galactica.

We’re keeping many elements of the original classic designs.

Will Apollo or Starbuck be involved in the show in any way?

Both characters are in the show. Strongly.

Mr. Moore, why aren’t more webmasters and web sites supporting your vision? Why are so many people in fandom against you? This female fan wants to know what you think since she does NOT support any “reimagining” idea. Give us Richard Hatch, thank you! He had it right.

I understand the feelings out there. Hell, I’d probably feel the same way if I was you. I’m not here to say you don’t have a right to be upset. You wanted a continuation and now it’s not happening. I get it. However, I’m here to tell you that I’m committed to giving you a good show that honors the original and picks up on many of the themes that made it a great show. And I hope that you’ll give us a chance. I know that if you had told me in 1978 that the original Trek series was being remade I’d have been upset, but I also know that I would’ve reserved final judgment until I saw the product. That’s all I’m asking for. Wait and see the show before you condemn it.

Mr. Moore, Why have you chosen to re-make Battlestar Galactica when all your customers (BSG fans) of the past 24 years, have clearly expressed their want for the original cast & original story themes? What marketing research indicates that the customer does not want what he says that he wants?

I do not and will not run a show by marketing research. Not this one, not any one.

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