M.A.N. (Military Affairs Nuerotic) LP
MAN or Military Affairs Nuerotc was GISM's second official release LP, released on Beast Arts records in 1987. This time GISM went more towards a heavy/thrash metal approach but they did so without leaving their punk roots.They developed the album into sort of a metal hardcore hybrid with some industrial tracks. Sakevi uses more effects on his voice than in pervious work and mainly sings in the trashy voice. GISM lays down some wonderful songs here and this personally is my favorite album of theirs. I love how they designed the cover and outer sleeve. The outer sleeve is clear except for an x-ray style pic of a skull/spine, the inner sleave then has a more inside view of what is inside.  when you have them together they make a picture. the Purple wax was a nice touch too. Favorite song on the album is "Nations Prosperity". a fairly slowsong compared to their other work.

3000 copies were to come with a special ink blot style poster (limmited to pre ordering through mail only. very rare!) and a Sticker designed by the famous artist Pushead. however, not many copies of the MAN lp were pre ordered, as a result, they are much more rare now.
Pictures of MAN:
Front cover
Back cover/back of record
Sleeve and insert
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