Anarchy Violence 7"
The  reissue of this classic 1991 bootleg, now reissued in 2000.

Tracks taken from Detestation LP, includes all songs of Detestation except "Nuclear armed Hogs", and "Nih Nightmare". The sound quality on this record is pretty good, but not close to the original Detestation. Although I have heard the first pressing of this has better sound. Althought the white vinyl is a nice touch, and the GISM poster on the inside sleave is kinda cool, I reccomend it for GISM freaks and completests only. there is much better GISM stuff you can buy if you just wanna hear the music.

Limmited reissue of to 200 copies, white vinyl.
Anarchy Violence Pictures:
Front cover
Back cover
Inside sleave
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