BEAST ARTS' CD version of the Classic DOGMA LP. Strange as it is, The CD versions sound quality is not quite as good as the Original LP's. What makes this CD so special is the completly new layout from the original LP It's printed on a buetiful foilish paper, with more crazy random pictures that make you think.

If you look REALLLLY closely. you can see the original DETESTATION LP Cover hidden somewhere in the CD. I wont tell you where, just look for yourselves!

Included at the end of the CD is a 45 minute track with 3 hidden songs spread out on it. the songs are: Shoot To Kill, Aahb, and Choke. These songs were originally featured on the PUNX Cassette omnibus. although on the tape, Aahb and Choke were played at the same time on different channels under the name G.I.S.M.

Front side of insert and inside of CD tray

Back of case, CD,  and back side of insert
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