Human Condition
Possibly the best GISM bootleg LP out there. This one really has it all. ALL of GISM's comp tracks, as well as very rare live songs. not just songs from Outsider, but other shows as well. Features unreleased songs such as "Punks is Hippies", and alternate versions of "Endless Blockades" and "Tear their Sypheletic Vaginas to Pieces".

Comes with an 8 page booklet detailing GISM's discography including bootleg and omnibus albums. also are lyrics, some reviews and rare pictures. very very cool.

First Press(copy I have): 540 on Royal Blue vinyl with Blue lable stamps
Second Press: 860 on Bright Green, 180 on dark green
Third Press: Royal Blue with Purple stamps
Front Cover
Back Cover
A and B side of Vinyl
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