SoniCRIME TheRapy
GISM's third and last ever album, 14 years after M.A.N. This cd is brilliant. It is much more hardcore than any other thing by GISM. While I do prefer the more melodic style such as M.A.N, this is really good and has been growing on me.

The track names may seem very odd to people. Titles mostly stand for who created the song. like the RU songs mean Randy Uchida. The RUNS songs mean Randy Uchida aNd Sakevi. KI stands for Kiichi( the Bass guitarist).

This limmited edition of this CD comes in a great hardcover box with silver print. inside the box is a foil GISM logo sticker. the art work inside is amazing. the best art ove ever seen. the booklet folds out to show a great display of random scenes that hardly make sense to anyone unless they happen to be inside the mind of Sakevi. if you tilt the art work in the light, you see "FUCK EM' ALL" printed across. also, check out the hidden "Anotomy Love Violence GISM" picture under the CD holder.!

I was smart enough to Pre Order my copy, and i got 2 Rare full color glossy flyers with it, hand  picked by Sakevi (God). One for a show in 1994, and another for the SoniCRIME TheRapy CD release/ the very last gigs.

My favorite songs in this are "RU 3",  "KI 5", and "KI 3" (I LOVE this song on the "Gay Individual Social Means" video. Sakevi rules.)

liners say:

"Special Thanx to: Mori, Tamayo, Hiroshima, Miyabe, Ryoma, Ukawa, Momo jr. Snicker, Mazer, Gilbert, BURST mag, All G.I.S.M. Maniacs, Extrasensory Psychopaths, Pot Headz

Cruel Death to: Swindler Hog AK-s, All Enemies, All Hypocrites, All Betrayers, All Stupid Artists, All Moron Police Men, All Smell Procurators, amen....... HEHEHE"
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