Split LP with the COMES
The Split LP with the COMES. Unknown company.

This Split LP features GISM's famous "Detestation" LP backed with the COME's "No Side" LP. 2 great historic punk release in early 80's Japanese hardcore. An interesting note is for the cover of the GISM side, instead of the regular Detestation LP cover, they chose  to use an edited version of the "Punks is Hippies/Fuck is Womens Money" poster that came with the "Detestation" LP as an insert.

This Bootleg is actually a very high quality one. very good sturdy vinyl was used to make this. If you want to hear these 2 great punk records but dont have the money to buy the official releases, this is a smart cheaper way to go.

100 pressed on black vinyl, the rest on green(i'd guess 400 to 500 on green). includes smaller and slightly edited versions of the key sides of both record's insert.

GISM/COMES split LP pictures:
Front Cover
Back Cover
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