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Hidden Beach, Bahia - March 2003


Pousada Paraiso Verde, Ilheus (Barra do Sargi), Bahia
The Pousada Paraiso Verde is situated 2 kilometres off the main Ilheus/Itacare road 30 kilometres from both. The only way to find it is the entrace with large sign "Private Property- Keep Out" in Portuguese.
To the left the Barra do Sargi where the river meets the sea and miles of sand and palm trees and not a structure or or person in sight. Total hidden tranquility.

Itacare, Bahia - March 2003







Itacar� is a destination of beautiful beaches and palm trees and surfing spot with constant unbeatable waves. Is perfect for practise of any adventure sports, such as hiking, rafting, canyoning, mountain biking, paragliding and kayaking, trails through the Atlantic rainforests and waterfalls to amazingly beautiful virgin beaches of Southern Bahia.
The near airport is Ilheus.
Famous beaches are Jeribuca�u or Engenhoca.

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