Why to not be something that is unprecedented to have something that as joy the thing are that some day it's come your way but the true is made from withing, Some day thing come to you and you have it all all the time it's the same true is belong to us to the point that we can let it go, that why is my appreciation i welcome you to have a wonderfull journey true all the the eternity that belong to us. In that of sence that the thing are belong to us and all are made from us to the point of the others to the i don't know, that question is made from a understanding of doing the King for me or others to anjoy. That i know is made of everthing that belong to the sense of making thing the way you feel it, and the way to understatement, the Ball and all the suit that come with it from a belong to the sense, that is the true from what we always wanted, that is then made from the understanding that thing or not to belong, from the point that it's is the welcoming of my understatement, that is the way that people belong from the true of history from the beggining of understanding the true of belong, from the table to the plate, as we go feather the belong are made from and others to and others as sympaty is belong feature. That in my case is the true of sympaty that belong from and others to and others understand each others. That the point that i made and in my Will-power, that is to say from the others to and others is made from pure sympaty from the true of welcoming someone, into your house. That is absolution of the greatest idea. MG




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Ses bon qu'on n'a me les setting de Dos comme Sa en tout le monde en Roi et Se qu'on veut.




As we go forward thing or are this, it's come and it goes but thing come forward to us, thing also come in handy. So that the point of doing thing we do and we help or come forward just the way we want, at the example of doing thing thing are made from what we are, That point is made from the finest of the thing to do, We don't intercede  at doing doing thing by force but we sher are that to interact for doing the right thing from what we are they want the situation is always approved with happiness that the person in favor of the question is the interpreter, so that in my will to ask people to understand that thing may and will be the understanding of what we really believe in, that is the question of people but the true lie in the faculty. That is the right thing to do when you are something you can be able to participate to what is the lie between, In my honor thing come to be the same as we always been with the proof and admiration that the thing belong into proof and will of the situation acknowledge from the point 0 and 1, 2, 3, 4 into doing 57 from 56. That is the power i have and having from from will and power and will be use in any others condition that we are into and will be for eternity from been what we already know that we are into constitution.  Mathieu Gagné   






It's nice that we put the setting in Dos on everyone the King and what we Want.

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