Power 42 ses le pouvoir, Put up 70.

I ignore how much kind of power there is, but me i got to controle in creating wolrds, the tactics, Knowing, The power for that nothing happen, the power at the beginning was giving to all. The power can be use to make it use, like you want to remenber, you take the tactics and the knowing and you introducewhat you want and it's happen. The différente ways to play, is to take invincible and stay in place and do it. There also the ways difinitive to use the power and take nothing and arrange your self from there, the unique as this. It's easy, because you can know your way by remain in place, transforme them in friends and do it. It's bring you to train people. But if you want to try, there already training by the invisible unique and your already into it, it's what is already happening now. There to go faster than a humain. Or to build invicible thing. This what is suppose to already exist at the same time we works in to the beginning, only the one that is destiny is made to love power. A thing that we like in nothing, is go the body of others. If i think how much power there is l'invicibility, there about 30 that i count, The power, the knowing, l'interprétation, The shame, the love, the why, the rebel, The pretty, me, oups, Maliche, the real, real, le nice, the good, the right, you, weapon, Writte, read, see, invinsibility, Steal, to do, discover, animation, learning, push, invincible. That it's tells us that we are in the 28, That fun this, also when we have the real, i wish that you know more just like me. In the piece we always work all together for the knowing and we all have each the piece to the best.

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