Hi Welcome to the unique conversation, First i will right

To the way i want, maby it's the simple way to make it

bettter, so as i welcome, maby we writte thing, maby we

don't. But first of all everything is simple we talk writte and read

the way we like i decided to talk about everything. So this is the way

it goes i saw that there are simple thing, thing are made of everything,

it goes by the name of thiographie, example of the thing that belong

to everything. There the way of saying, there are the easy 3 words

Maby, why and when. This my friends are the easiest way of making

you Look simple way of the unique because i talk this way. So as we

go we follow some step and the step may be for the one. That make one

of them and how to do is the easy way, Make should be in thirth place.

We do this to be or self and to take what you already have and put it

in the way everyone like. Hi my name in Mathieu, I look to forgot

But not all the time, I see to make sher everyone as a peace and i make

to make sher everything is the same. So can you see it's easy we already

know what a unique is, more talk forget is a big word here, if someone want

to have a chance to see unique they make you forget, but that not hard because

it's the way you look that the unique you see make you forget the way of

forgeting something. That is the best they think and make sher it's ok.

Welcome to the amazing wonder world of unique figuring, as we follow

the unique, we see to the right that there is everything and to the left People

and him self. To the top is the right way and the bottom is the place. Every where

esle is the way that as see as an animal like they told us, but it's just a talk

be original and everything but don't forget your place.

thx Math = thceehc = nickname-Glend Blanc, i represente this a Wo.