First do what you do normally, Do thing like we all see it now, Do thing with others, in the text of power we say that we like to do, when we go in the body of others, You can talk to the person that does everything everyone does, try the normal person that does not do anything, but now he does, because we are bored, it's ok because we all do what we want right. OK now try maby the worlds of King and Queen, They also got in that the girls and boys worlds that live with King and Queen and Diciple, As for me im am, well we all know there are all my people i maby do not live in to a Castle but i am as we know a king, and because i did everything that can exist i let's you do what you want, true they don't mind there are exactly like us. You can see, hear or maby just do. Now we should go to the ghetto, where there is my girldfriend and i am all the worlds you can think, it's goes something like this, First we but Math in the worst so nobody yell on each others, That bring us to the ghetto, than the normal person, the All we can do with others, Popularity, everyone, power, Control others, play for éternity the way we want, all the worlds, where trying to do worlds, the kids, the i can do anything i want, Rpg, the rebel, the sweet like to protect for eternity and as a body as a sex toys for everyone that as emotion(yes), the i can hallucinate for éternity, Now im playing after all this, you do it by your self because your ok now, I want a new worlds because he can have one, i can't have anymore worlds, We have it all, What we all want, the no we won't, Yes you will, ah ok, OK Well it's done, i want to see are we created, the real sweet where everyone is what we always think, The i did it's all, i can't do it anymore, welcome to your home, well done, Thanx, the well we can't go but is already into it, The real Rpg, the true Rpg, We need to stop like only all worlds but in one worlds, the Growup, The well i take what you got, than the sweet worst(they do exist), Where able do do what we want after all this, yes we got what you just said, the style(we all do have style, we all look alike), the pink skirt , the straight pant, the Rap style, the straight you know with shirt, the sweet style, the all you can think worlds, the ghetto, the Normal style well it's stop here because we are all normal, Well try all the style you have you will understand that they are all like you. Well we look like we did all the worlds we really want, into one worlds that should tell what to do if you really like like i know you do like everyone.Personne