Bell Launches Ingenious Bicycle Anti-Theft Product

Bicycle theft has always been a serious issue for bike owners. Traditionally, bicycle owners have employed theft resistant locks like U-Locks, or cables and heavy-duty chains with padlocks. Even then they've carefully had to select highly visible, well lighted locations, and to ensure that their precious bike is locked to a fixed object. But the thieves still sometimes win, and bicycle theft remains a thorn in the side of the cycling industry.

A Bike Equipped with Traditional Bike Anti-Theft Devices

But thanks to a new product being developed by Bell Bicycle Accessories, there may be a solution. Engineers working for Bell in a research laboratory in Switzerland have come up with a paint product that may be the answer to the longstanding problem of bicycle theft. The revolutionary paint will be sold under the patented name "BAINT Paint". BAINT is a reversed acronym for Theft Neutralizer Invisible Application for Bicycles (T.N.I.A.B.).

The formula behind BAINT Paint was first discovered accidentally by a junior research assistant in the Swiss laboratory. The junior assistant, who has not been named, apparently added some chemicals by mistake when Bell engineers were trying to create an imitation White Lightning product for their new BrainChain line of bicycle maintenance products. When the assistant spilled some of the resulting mixture over his shoes, he noticed that his feet had disappeared. After discovering that a single application of the mysterious paste rendered all objects invisible, the Bell Development Team realized that they had stumbled upon an invisible paint. They immediately thought of an application of this amazing new product for the cycling industry. Bicycle theft could be combatted by painting bikes and making them invisible, based on the premise that a bicycle that can't be seen also can't be stolen.

It took Bell engineers over a year to replicate and perfect the formula, in part because the junior assistant could not recall exactly what chemicals he had used. But BAINT Paint is now in the last stage of development, and will soon be available to the general public.

The BAINT (Theft Neutralizer Invisible Application for Bicycles) Paint is easy to use. First a single coat of the BAINT Paint must be applied to the entire bicycle. This must be followed by an immediate application of a fast-acting catalyst spray (BAINT Paint Spray Pro), and within two minutes the bicycle becomes completely invisible. The good news is that if your bike is invisible, bicycle thieves can't find it!

Invisible Commuter Bike

The marketing division of Bell Bicycle Accessories has admitted some difficulties with the new product. "For one thing", said Marketing Director Mr. I.C. Hugh Nough, "It's hard to sell a product that you can't see." And he admits that riding an invisible bike takes some getting used to. "You need to adjust to not seeing your pedals or your brake levers and gear shifters," said Mr. Nough. "But you get used to it. You learn to ride by feel."

Does the paint wear off over time? Mr. Nough doesn't think so. "After dropping the paint on his shoes, our lab assistant never saw his shoes again. So you have to be really sure that you're doing the right thing before using our product. We are working with officials from the State Department for Public Safety to prevent our product getting in the hands of children who might not use it for its intended purpose. Availability of our product will probably be limited exclusively to adults over the age of 18."

Invisible Road Bike & Invisible Mountain Bike

At the present time the invisible paint is an irreversible process. "We are still working on inventing a De-BAINT Paint companion product. The De-BAINT Paint will be designed to reverse the invisible chemical cycle and restore visibility of the original paint." But Mr. Nough admits that it could be some time before the De-BAINT Paint product will be ready. "Our engineers are still perfecting the formula. Our current research is showing that the reverse cycle produced by De-BAINT Paint causes structural damage to the frame. So for now we're just going with the BAINT Paint, and telling people it is an irreversible procedure at this point."

Although BAINT Paint is not yet on the market for the public, Bell Bicycle Accessories have released a promotional supply of the invisible paint to some professional riders. The initial reaction has been very positive, and BAINT Paint appears set to make a big hit with the cycling community. Reporters have not been able to witness the application of BAINT Paint, but media representatives were provided with several photos of the new product, including some spectacular pictures of the product being used in race conditions.

Invisible Paint in Use During a Cross Country Race

Invisible Paint in Use During a Road Race

Not everyone shares Mr. Nough's enthusiasm for the invisible paint. "Have you ever wondered how stupid you look without your bike?" said one critic. "Now you know." But Mr. Nough is convinced that with his product, bicycle theft will be a thing of the past. "Invisible paint is here for real," he quipped, "People just need to see it to believe it!"

Posted Wednesday - 2004-11-24 - 23:43:14 EST
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