Revolutionary Venom Line Being Developed by Specialized

Cycling manufacturer giant Specialized has announced that it is working on prototypes for revolutionary new bikes, set to be released in 2006. The new line of bikes is being dubbed the Venom Line. The bikes feature aerodynamic design and revolutionary technology that was pioneered by a special research team in Japan. Specialized unveiled the bikes at a special media conference in Tokyo on November 31st. The text below is from an official press release from Specialized.

Specialized Cobra
The Cobra is our signature edition bike, with all the elements of the new Specialized Venom lineup: aerodynamic design, superior drivetrain, internally housed components, eye-catching colours, and great looks with a motocycle inspired design. The self-adjusting frame flex ensures a comfortable ride, without sacrificing performance, because we know you want to ride fast and hard. When riding the Cobra, striking hard and fast will become your new normal.

Specialized Scorpion
The Scorpion is our lightweight entry bike in the new Specialized Venom line, but it's still an aggressive bike with lots of bite. The secret behind the design is the sleek symmetrical frame surrounding the powerful crankset. As with all our new bikes, all cables and drive train components are housed inside the frame. But the main feature of the Scorpion is the huge bi-directional multi-ring super-drive in the center of the bike, which converts pedalling power to speed so efficiently it increases performance by at least 15% more than traditional drive trains. Simple, sleek, and super-fast, the Scorpion is set to nip those flat and fast trails like never before.

Specialized Green Mamba
The Green Mamba is our light-weight racing machine. It's a sleek XC bike with real bite. The self-flexing frame assures stability and cushion over rugged terrain, and the internal hydro-drive pedalling system is a closed system that ensures no loss of power up climbs or singletrack. For the XC racer, our new Green Mamba is a dream come true.

Specialized Copperhead
The Copperhead is the twin sister of the Green Mamba, but features additional vertical frame support for those looking for a little more stability and front tower strength. In old school talk, this is the Green Mamba, beefed up for our Clydesdale customers. Like the Green Mamba, the Copperhead is equipped with the new internal hydro-drive pedalling system. Unlike conventional drivetrain systems, there's no way for water or dirt to affect the drivetrain and disrupt or dirty the moving components. With the Green Mamba and the Copperhead, you're guaranteed a smooth fast ride every time again.

Specialized BMW Feather Deluxe
Looking for luxury and comfort, for commuting or riding the streets? Specialized has teamed up with BMW to create the ultimate hybrid bicycle, featuring the best in comfort and stylish looks. The Specialized BMW Feather Deluxe is light as a feather, and comfortable as a feather bed. And with the performance generated by our internal hydro-drive technology, you get the best of both worlds. The attractive bright red and yellow colours are borrowed from our favorite feathered friends. It's not a bike for the birds, but the Feather Deluxe is sure to make fast friends with everyone who sees it.

Specialized Viper
We're proud of our Viper, and there's a good reason for it. This innovative machine has attitude. It's one of the first bikes in the world to have no rear hub. That's right, no rear hub. The rear wheel has a special magnetically polarized rim that is suspended inside the frame, where it floats inside a magnetic suspension field. You've already figured out what that means. Fewer moving parts, less friction, more speed! As an added plus, the magnetic suspension field cushions your ride. The drive train is also based on a magnetic principle, so powering the pedals creates incredible speed in no time. We know that the Viper looks crazy, but it works! We've poured a lot of money into developing this baby, but our engineers are convinced that the Viper will create a biking revolution. After you've tried it, you'll find it hard to disagree.

Specialized Black Widow
Unique to the Black Widow, are the interlaced web disc wheels, which use innovative sliding roller technology to eliminate a traditional hub on the front, and a polarized magnetic hub for increased performance on the back. The fully independent pivoted frame will have you eating up the nastiest bumps like never before. The Black Widow will have you flying by your competitors in no time, and you'll love this bike so much so much you won't want the ride to end. Once you get to know this Widow, you'll want to marry her.

Specialized Cricket
The Specialized Cricket, like its fellow creature in the animal world, is more harmless than the other creatures in the new Specialized lineup. In other words, this is not an off-road bike, and it's not meant to get dirty. This is a lean road bike, designed for one thing and one thing only: speed on the road. When you're seated on the Cricket, you'll notice the immediate difference offered by the low-profile Posture Advantage handle-bars. And our aerodynamic wind tunnel tested design could have you shaving off previous seconds in races. All in all, the Cricket offers a great chirpy ride.

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by Staff Reporter Verdra H. Ciretop in Toronto
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