The Stanley Random Chess Files

The Essential Stanley Random Chess Library

This collection of titles is recommended for amateurs and enthusiasts of Stanley Random Chess as a starting point for developing a good library.

Introductory Works

Official Butterworth Guide to International SR Chess by Samuel Butterworth

2004 Official Stanley Random Chess Handbook

Stanley Random Chess: The Official Player's Guide - Vol.1 "The Rules", Vol. 2 "The Players" and Vol. 3 "Developing Winning Strategy by Samuel Worthington (4th edition)

Stanley Random Chess Revisited: A Singular Course in Elementary and Standard Play, with Critical Observations and Annotations, Ronald Herbert & Christopher Morley

The Unwashed Masses Guide to Stanley Random Chess - Being the first Volume of Instruction for The Great English Game of The Same Name, to Educate and Exemplify for the Common Riff-Raffs in The Street the Rules of This Game by Lord Humberton-Snapf

Advanced Strategy and Tactics

The Modern Expert's Companion to Stanley Random Chess by Kenneth Abrams (Tokyo, 1979)

Stanley Random Chess: Exercises for Experts Illustrated by Grandmasters by Nikolai Dementiev

Standard Primer on SR Chess Gambits and Left Wing Sacrifices by Dr. Carroll Lewiston

A Reexamination of Forced Inferior Material Resignations: A Guide to Winning Play under VollenHauser Conditions by Leopold Strauss (Belgrade Press, 1934)

The Practical Avoidance of Forced IMRs by Schmittkoff

Cutterly's Concise Compendium of Critical SRC Crushes

SR Chess Distraction for Beginners: Introduction and History by GM Georgio Bushini

The Queen and her Pawns in Waiting: Understanding Weighted Pawns" (Vol 1), and "Understanding Unweighted Pawns (Vol. 2)" by Baron Karl Von Damm (in German, published in an English translation for the first time in 1906).

Stanley Random Chess Monographs by Edward Leech

Historical Studies

The Life and Games of Antonio Pancris: An Annotated Exhibition in Playing SR Chess with Force and Farce by GM Antonio Pancris of Baden-Baden

A German Waltz: Replaying a SR Chess Championship by the Rhine in two volumes by GM Ivan Nemovic

Mayhem of the Masters: A Retrospective Look at a Retroactive Decade of Russian SR Chess Dominance by Lord Foxton-Burnaby-Smith (1956)

From Humphry to Humpty: Personal Memoirs of My Rise and Fall as a British SR Chess Champion by Sir Humphry Footscray

Exhaustive Pictorial Encyclopedia of Russian SR Chess: An Random Adventure of Memorable Stanley Moments by GM Volga Sharpinksi

Uncovering and Exposing the Stanley in Stanley Random Chess by Dr. Bill Goldman and Dr. Simon Morgenstern (University Press, 2001)

Stanley Defrocked by Carpal-Tunnel (Full Court Press, 1894)

Test Cricket's Silent Debt: The Influence of 19th Century Stanley Random Chess on Modern Cricket by Ian Botham

SR Chess GM Gregory Topov

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