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On account of the Great SR Chess Purge, many resources on SR Chess have been lost. SR Chess is only recently coming into the public eye, and the following collection of links will help you get started in finding out more about SR Chess.

The Chess Variant Pages on SR Chess
Information about Stanley Random Chess at the official Chess Variant Pages site.

Scheming Mind Correspondence SR Chess Server
The only officially sanctioned internet correspondence chess server for SR Chess.
By interfacing with the ISRCA database and using its automated correction algorithm, this chess server identifies illegal moves and automatically replaces them with the closest legal move (termed a "Stanley Transposed Automated Replacement," or STAR move). The STAR move technology enables games of SR Chess to be played between complete novices who are already familiar with the rules of Simplified SR (Common) Chess.

Analysis of the Lateral Rook Catapult by Tim Krabbé (Dutch language)
Tim Krabbé offers some analysis of the historic Lockwood-Topov SR Chess Exhibition Match.
Krabbé appears particularly interested in the Lateral Rook Catapult (Laterale Torenkatapult) that Black uses to conclude the Inverted Columbus after 13...O-O.

Stanley Random Chess and Stream of Consciousness
Crystalpunk looks at the culture that is Stanley Random Chess
Of special interest is the photograph that accompanies this journal entry from The Abecedarian Frolic, courtesy of

Stanley Random Chess Introduced & Explained for Beginners
Article from the SchemingMind Online Chess Journal, introducing and explaining the essentials of SR Chess.

Stanley Random Chess for Idiots
An excellent primer with playing tips for new players. The author of this article has done a real service to the SRC playing community by providing valuable tips for new players. An excellent contribution to SRC advocacy and understanding, and elementary advice that merits careful study.

The GM Topov Files
This web-site, and the starting portal for all things which relate to Stanley Random Chess.

ISRCA Offices

To request copies of official ISRCA resources, write to a local ISRCA office, such as the one in Scandinavia. I've been reliably informed that their reigional office in Iceland was recently relocated to Denmark. (A friend in Sweden has since confirmed that the Scandinavian SR Chess Federation office is indeed now in Denmark.)

Here is the address that you can use to request a membership application form:

Edvard Eriksen (Secretary)
Scandinavian Stanley Random Chess Federation
Helgolandsgade 16
DK-1653 Copenhagen

Membership is free, and the welcome package usually includes lots of goodies, including a coupon that can be used for obtaining the rules from the International headquarters. Since applications require a referring member ID, feel free to use my membership number: LQ-131863.

SR Chess GM Gregory Topov

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