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Great Stanley: A Short Survey of the Best Players

The history of Stanley Random Chess includes some fascinating players. This short overview introduces some of the more famous players of the game.

Famous Grandmasters

Edwin and Earle Scotswasche (peaked: ~1793)
GM Alphonsus Cambio (peaked: ~1795)
GM Goldie Lox of Scotland (1780-1835)
GM Inigo Montoya of Spain (1783-1861)
GM Sergei Inventov (1801-1864)
GM Juan del Pueblo of Puerto Rico (1796-1880)
GM Antonio Pancris of Baden-Baden (1807-1879)
GM Percival Penfold of England (1850-1903)
GM Otto Bolshnaut of Germany (1860-1915)
GM Wolfgang Plausch of Germany (1862-1923)
GM Reed Redding-Hood of England (1869-1935)
GM Lord Edward Humberton-Snapf of England (1874-1916)
GM Joćo da Silva (1879-1936)
GM Petitfour Ralph Winston (1880-1959)
GM James McKinrock of Scotland (1880-1946)
GM Joseph Farnarkle of Australia (1889-1956)
GM Humphry Footscray of Britain (1901-1979)
GM Vladimir Marknik of Russia (1908-1968)
GM Victor E. Seignovich of Russia (1909-1931)
GM Paddy O'Larry of Ireland (1920-1983)
GM Wladimir Meerkowsky of Poland (1935-1978)
GM Mikko Scarlotti of Italy (1939-present)
GM Gregory Topov now of Canada (1922-present)

Current Top Players

GM Edgar Mildew of Great Britain
GM Ivan Nemovic of Russia
GM Viktor Demetri Plaztov of Russia
GM Karl Marx of Germany
GM Jimmy Joe Ratchet of USA
GM Geert Holdebro of Holland
WGM Svetlana Gargoyle of Czech (the pinup babe of SR Chess)
WGM Lady Cecilia Gladstone-Wedge
GM Neoliminal of USA
GM Georgio Bushini of Italy
GM Kungpow of South Korea

Important Historical Figures

Ferrers family - first mention of SR Chess in 1137 in this family
Stanley family - a family allied to William the Conqueror, named after his primate, and assumed the Earl of Derby title from the Ferrers in 1485, and began actively promoting the game
Sir Thomas Stanley (d. 1459) - excelled in SR Chess from an early age, descendant of William the Conqueror
Sir Frederick Arthur Stanley - donated Stanley Cup to amateur hockey in Canada (1892)
Frederick T. Stanley - founded The Stanley Works (1843) and introduced the game to America
Grand Arbiter Augustus Milverton - the most successful Arbiter ever in the UBIC

Famous post-Enlightenment Tournaments

1897 All England Championships
1927 Vienna Sidewalk Exhibition
1962 Italian Invitational
1952 Olympiad
1946 Finnish Nationals
1962 World Championships

SR Chess GM Gregory Topov

GM Topov was the world number #1 ranked player since the early 1980s. Topov has won a total of 13 world championships, including an unprecedented eight consecutive victories from 1982-1989

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