The Stanley Random Chess Files - No. 8b

GM Kungpow vs GM Topov: An International Exhibition Game

GM Gregory Topov provides some personal annotations on a SR Chess Exhibition Game with GM Kungpow from South Korea.

This Exhibition Game is currently in progress on the internet chess server:

Exhibition Game: GM Kungpow vs GM Topov)

Exhibition Game: GM Kungpow vs GM Topov

[Event "Stanley Random Exhibition Match"]
[Site ""]
[Date "2006.04.01"]
[White "GM Kungpow"]
[Black "GM Gregory Topov"]
[Result ""]

1.Nh3 e5 2.e4 d6 3.Bb5+ c6 4.Qg4 Qe7 5.Ng5 Qd7 6.Qf3 cxb5

First Set

1. Nh3 {Pacified Knight Opening, creating immediate modal opportunities for White} 1...e5 {Standard VonFinkelstein reply, with the central aggression needed for lateral shift in order to maintain tempo} 2. e4 {Silent Right Wing main-line of Pacified Knight Opening, providing temporal shelter to avoid post-knightal depression on h3} 2...d6 {The expected book move} 3. Bb5+ {A temporary distraction for Black} 3...c6 {The Pawned Pelican, conceding an open Royal Bedroom but corralling the knight on b8 with compensation in immobility} 4. Qg4 {Fawning an early Loose Madame, but threatening a Backwood's Threat with the Pacified Knight, and thus quite sound} 4...Qe7 {The Fawned Gambit Declined, or Counter-Reformational Two Step, to preserve the Royal Commode and future threats to f6. 4...Bxg4? is flawed after 5.Bxc6+ (with the Royal Commode indefensible by neighbouring pawns) because of 6.Nd7 (6.Nxc6?! gains material, but leaves the f6 square without sufficient defense once the light squares are unmoded), giving White the target on b7, and the Pacified Knight on h3 is poised to complete the Backwood's Threat after 7.d3!} 5. Ng5 {Sashimi Shiver Attack, a risky variation of Kodama's Call of Nature, and anticipating the Kona Defense} 5...Qd7 {Houblon de Lapin, declining the gambit and enforcing the conditions of the Phyrexian Paradox instead of opting for the Kona Defense} 6. Qf3 {Typical of Orange Mercantilism, with Dutch influence} 6...cxb5 {The defensive VanDyken Maneuver, with pressure on the c4 square in preparation for a later Double Header with the bishops}

SR Chess GM Gregory Topov

Posted Saturday - 2006-04-04 - 11:46:58 EST
by Staff Reporter Verdra H. Ciretop in Toronto
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