Wh- Words (2)

*//  Click the right wh- word to fill in the blank.
[1] The house
______ Carlos was born was destroyed in the earthquake.


[2] The man
______ car was stolen yesterday is a thief himself.


[3] The girl
______ parents are illiterate is an eminent professor.


[4] The meal
____ you cooked yesterday was delicious.


[5] Do you know someone
____ repairs TV sets?


[6] The house
______ he showed them was not large enough.


[7] These are the reasons
______ her friends prefer her company.


[8] Do you know a shop
______ I can find some good biscuits?


[9] That is the lady
______ hat costs a fortune.


[10] The author,
______ everybody praised, isn't really an outstanding figure.


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