For six months aboard the Huascar they faced the whole enemy fleet, fought against other ships, engaged against land guns and captured valuable preys at sea. And when the time came, they proudly faced broadly superior forces to die in combat for the honour of their nation. On the top, Admiral Miguel Grau, Skipper of Huascar was killed at Angamos after a 250-pound palliser piercing grenade hit the Huascar's bridge. He was replaced by captain Elias Aguirre (next picture), who sustained a courageous combat until he also was killed. Lieutenant Enrique Palacios (third photo) had a most gallant behaviour in action; severely wounded, he died few days after the combat. At the far bottom, Lieutenant Diego Ferre, Grau's adjutant who died at the bridge with the Admiral. How valiant they were! How proud and how magnificent brave sailors did the Peruvians had!.