During her six month maritime campaign, Huascar sunk, damaged and captured several enemy warships. She also destroyed land batteries and many small vessels. Here are some of them.


Above, the Esmeralda, sunk by Huascar after the battle of Iquique on May 21, 1879. Built in 1854, she displaced 854 tons and was armed with 22 guns. One hundred thirty five of her two hundred crewmen perished in the action. Below, the Abtao, the 1,600-ton corvette built in 1865 and armed with five guns was severely damaged during the June 9th combat against Huascar on the coasts of Antofagasta. Both ships fought again on August 28th and once more the Abtao suffered diverse mishaps. Below, Chile's best war transport, the 1,800-ton steamer Rimac, captured in highs seas by the Ironclad “Huascar” and the corvette “Unión” on July 23rd, 1879. The vessel was carrying a complete line cavalry regiment, which included 260 men with rifles, ammunition, sabres and 215 horses. Among other vessels captured by Huascar were the Adriana Lucia, the Adelaida Rojas, the E. Saucy Jack and the Emilia. She also recovered the Peruvian vessels Caquetá and Clorinda previously seizured by the Chilean Navy. During her third campaign Huascar also almost sunk the 877-ton armed transport Matias Cousiño, which did not occur because Grau, gentleman as he was, ordered the evacuation of her entire crew before opening fire. During that slow process the Chilean battleships arrived and the action was aborted.