Baluster (Handrail) Radius
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Vector Formula for Radius of Curvature
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h = Height required for Helix to complete           one revolution about the Cylinder
c = Circumference of Cylinder
r = Radius of Cylinder
C = Circumference of Baluster Circle
R = Radius of Baluster Circle

Solution of Baluster Radius
If the Helix does not make a complete revolution the formula still returns the same Baluster Radius. For a quarter of a revolution through 90°:
90° ÷ 360° = 1/4
The term 2π in the Helix Run is replaced by 2π ÷ 4 = π/2
The Helix Rise = h/4
The Cylinder Radius r remains the same.

Solution of Baluster Radius for 90 degree turn
Joe Bartok